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5 Top Places to Visit in Tianjin – The Doorway to Beijing

Tianjin is one of the 4 main principalities directly under the government and is located just 40 minutes by bullet train from Beijing – hence why many consider Tianjin as the doorway to Beijing.


Haihe River

The Haihe is the Mother River and symbol of Tianjin. It flows 72km before falling into the Bohai Sea. The river majestically flows through the city and much of the principality allowing life and culture to flourish on its banks. One notable aspect of culture the Haihe has influenced is the bridges. 21 bridges join the banks of the Haihe in different places on its journey to the sea and near each bridge there is a scenic attraction like the iconic Tianjin eye; a gigantic Ferris wheel which lights up at night near the Yongle Bridge.


The Five Big Avenues

The Five Big Avenues or the Wudadao in the local tongue is an international architecture exposition. This is one of Tianjin's most celebrated attractions for its sheer ingenuity and effort in detail. The Five Big Avenues consists of over 2000 villas built in various styles of western architecture during the 1920s and 1930s. Over 300 of these lovely villas were at one time in the past home to iconic figures in world history such as US President Herbert Clark Hoover and Olympian Li Airui. The Museum of the Five Avenues is a must-visit if you enjoy history. There are over 1000 items belonging to historical figures kept on display.


The Taida Aircraft Carrier Theme Park

Whichever Tianjin Hotel you decide to stay in whether it be as esteemed as the Pan Pacific Tianjin or not you'll have to get make lengthy commutes to see most the attractions, China is a very big place. The Taida Aircraft Carrier Theme Park is one the most visited attractions in Tianjin having over 40,000 visitors during just the three-day Qingming Festival in April. The Military themed park is located in the Binhai New Area and has exhibits to do with Marine Military Culture, Russian Culture with the retired Russian Aircraft Carrier the 'Kiev' serving as the park's centrepiece and biggest drawcard. Entrance to the park costs around 220 Yuan.


Cross Talk Tea Houses

Visiting one of the teahouses is a must if you're in Tianjin, it is a great way to mingle with the locals and get an idea of the culture. Tianjin locals love sitting in these teahouses, enjoying crosstalk performances while sipping on fragrant tea and nibbling on sunflower seeds. Many establishments have popped up over the years to accommodate this local fancy but none is as prominent as the Mingliu Tea House – it is truly an institution of Tianjin's culture.


The Yangliuqing New Year Painting Museum

This unique museum is a great place to catch a glimpse of the unique traditional artistry of the region. There are many pieces on display – historical pieces as well as New Year paintings which frequently show a chubby child holding a big fish. This form of artistry where wooden planks are used as canvases to carve and paint these beautiful images dates back many centuries and it is a treat to get to see it practised to this day.

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