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5 Things Singapore is Famous For – The Country That Has It All!

We would barely be exaggerating if we said that this country is smaller than many major cities in the world! Yet, it is remarkable how this city/country has made its mark in the world with some incredible accolades regardless of its age and dimensions! Did you know these 5 things about Singapore too?


It is Super Clean

This is probably one of the best news the germophobe in all of us is delighted to hear, let's all be real for a second here! This country is said to have the squeakiest clean streets in the world across, thanks to its 50,00+ strong cleaning workforce. The country imposes strict laws on littering, spitting on streets, vandalism and public urination even, that can lead to heavy fines and punishments. Just as its infrastructure is spotless, so are hotels like Park Hotel Clarke Quay. If you are looking for the best then this is one of the best hotel near Clarke Quay MRT Singapore that you can come across!


Greenery Everywhere!

With quite the reputation as the 'Garden City' one look and you will be mesmerized by how well manicured and lush the public spaces are, including all the roads! Whilst much of the agricultural and wild landscapes were cleared away to make way for its growing population, remedial efforts have been thoughtfully put into introducing some lushness into the endless concrete jungle that the country has wholesomely become.


You could get fined for chewing gum!

Singapore is probably most well remembered among the international community as the country where chewing gum is banned and is punishable by fine! In the year 1992, a rule was implemented to combat the disruptions gum was causing on the then-newly implemented subway system which forbade anyone from sticking chewing gum in unwanted places! As comical as it sounds, its true! Try your best luck finding gum anywhere around the island without a doctor's prescription for nicotine or dental gum!


The Marina Bay Skyline

Singapore's skyline has changed dramatically over the past decade, especially with the introduction of Marina Bay Sands, a masterpiece of a structure built over a once-empty plot of reclaimed land and sea water! The view is mind-blowing at night as it is lit up head to toe in harmony with its other counterparts all over the cityscape including the Esplanade, Helix Bridge, Merlion and the million other skyscrapers that adorn the skyline of central Business and Marina Bay Financial Districts of Singapore. It makes for the perfect after-dinner stroll, just saying!


Fines and Corporal Punishment

Singapore is no sin-city, but is definitely high up on the 'fine' city list- both the lists you are thinking of right now- the good fine and beautiful, and the bad fine and costly! Singapore has some of the most particluar laws that all boil down to inflicting fines over some of the most overlooked acts of vandalism such as smoking in no-smoking areas, jaywalking, or even eating and drinking on the MRT. Other serious infractions of law such as robbery, serious counts of vandalism or drug trafficking result in jail sentences. Corporal punishments such as caning and death sentence too, are not unheard of.

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