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Top 05 Amazing Things To Do In Xi’an China – Where History Comes To Life

One of China's most popular touristy cities to explore Xi'an is famous the world over. From exploring the Terra Cotta Warriors to browsing ancient pagodas and discovering tranquil gardens Xi'an has many allures. Here are the most amazing things to do in Xi'an China.


Visit The Terracotta Warriors

Xi'an's most iconic attraction is the terracotta warriors and you certainly will not regret a visit to the museum and Mausoleum of Qin Shi Huang. The warriors are pretty impressive and well-preserved, dating back to 221 BC. A walk along the pit will help you disvover the intricate work that went into the creation of the statues and marvel at the unique facial expressions on each statue. Take your experience to a further level and try creating your own terracotta warriors at one of the workshops located within the museum. Located just 35kms from the museum Grand Park Xian is a good example of well-located Xi An China hotels.


Savour An Adrenaline Rush At Mount Huashan

Climbing Mt Huashan is one of the most adrenaline pumped activities to enjoy in Xi'an; the arduous trek to the top is well-worth the effort since the area is also one of the most stunning in China. If you are in a good physical state the climb to the top is not as tedious and should be considered a day trip. The mountain range consists of 5 peaks, the highest peak is on the south and soars to a height of 2154 metres. To get to the summit, purchase your ticket from the tourist centre and hop on the bus which will take you to the point from where you will get in a cable car which transports you to the summit, from which point you start your trek to the top. Ask your hotel in Xi'an about recommendations for booking tours to the summit and you can enjoy a safe trek with the aid of an experienced guide.


Ride Across The Xi'an Wall

Xi'an Old Town is protected by an ancient wall; the structure is well preserved and the experience is tipped to be quite magical. You can purchase a ticket and climb to the top of the wall which will be an awesome experience if you rent yourself a bike and tour the wall on two wheels. The area is not just for trekking along the wall and enjoying the sights, you get to explore the vibrant history of the Tang and Ming Dynasties too.


Try Your Hand At Calligraphy

Visit the Tang Bo Art Museum and try your hand at Chinese calligraphy. There you can visit the active workshops and discover ancient techniques and see how your artistic side pans out. The experience is excellent to understand the intricacies of this fine skill which you will realise is not easy to master.


Trek Back To The Past Exploring Shaanxi History Museum

The art and historical values of Xi'an are well displayed at this huge complex. Plan to reserve a good couple of hours to explore the place in entirety, as you explore ancient murals taken off of past emperor's mausoleums, historical information and artefacts from the Silk Road, as well as plenty of well-preserved archaeological finds.

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