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Headline for Useful Pattaya Travel Tips - Travel Guidelines for Holidaymakers heading to Pattaya
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Useful Pattaya Travel Tips - Travel Guidelines for Holidaymakers heading to Pattaya

As one of Thailand's most coveted beach paradises, Pattaya is a dream destination for beach lovers. Here are some useful tips on how to make the most of your time in the sun-kissed hamlet.


Time the Holiday

Those who are heading to Pattaya for a beach holiday should ideally time their visit to coincide with the best weather conditions in the area. This means that the rainy months of September and October must be avoided at all costs as heavy downpours take place daily during this wet and cold period in Pattaya. The perfect time to visit Pattaya by most tourists' estimates is during the period from November to April although the months of April and May are also not too shabby for a beach getaway as they are the hottest months of the year.


Dine like a Local

Whether one is travelling on a budget or simply interested in sampling as many local delights as possible, avoiding resort restaurants is key. Local eateries, cafes and canteens in Pattaya are not only affordable but also offer a wider range of food items while high end restaurants and those housed within resorts will set one back quite a bit.


Getting Around

Unless one possesses an international driving license, the easiest way to get from Point A to Point B when in Pattaya is via songthaews. As a uniquely local mode of transport, these pickup trucks or vans which resemble buses take tourists and locals to nearly every corner of Pattaya for a nominal cost. Hopping off and hopping on whenever one pleases is one of the perks of riding around in a songtheaws.


Shopping Rules

While haggling is a common practice that's not only tolerated but expected in local thoroughfares, it is not polite to bargain down the price of goods at local shops and boutiques in shopping complexes. Open air markets in Pattaya, on the other hand, are the perfect venues to practice one's haggling skills and find affordable souvenirs, gifts and other curios in one place. Those who are in search of authentically Thai products such as crafts, jewellery and perfumes to take back home will find that the local markets are the best places to find these items in abundance.



Regardless of the nature of the service provided, tipping the service staff is a good practice to follow when travelling around Pattaya. This courtesy is especially necessary when staying at venues the likes of Avani Pattaya Resort or any other reputed Pattaya beach resort. Those who wine and dine in restaurants and cafes will find that paying 5% of the bill's worth is sufficient for the wait staff while taxi drivers and other service providers one comes across will also expect a small tip in addition to the cost of the services provided. There is no use in arguing over the logic of the practice as a tourist that hold out on tipping are perceived to be stingy or ill-mannered by locals.


Model Behaviour

While it is unnecessary to be too weary of local culture in Pattaya, tourists must refrain from causing scenes and laughing out loud in public locations. Over excited remarks and behaviours will also be frowned upon while it is also prudent to address locals as calmly and discreetly as possible when asking for directions.