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Best Services for PhD and Dissertation Thesis

This is a compilation list of the best posts providing tips for Ph.D. Dissertation and Thesis of the students.

Top 4 Regression Techniques all the Beginners Should Understand

Regression analysis is a statistical technique used for determining the relationships between the criterion variable or the dependent variables with the one or more independent variables. Regression helps to understand the changes in the independent variable due to dependent variables.

8 key reasons why your dissertation is on way to rejection!

Writing a dissertation includes a tremendous amount of effort and dedication. However, penning down a dissertation without aiming to get it published it is like putting in effort in preparing a cake but not baking it

6 Effortless Tips for Editing an Essay Paper

Writing an essay is not the only thing that one should be concerned about. One should pay extra attention to the editing process as well, to ensure impeccable writing.


Research involves working with vast amounts of data (structured & unstructured). Although structured data can be assessed without grouping them, unstructured data must be segregated into logical groups prior to analyzing them. This is exactly where the clustering methods is used. Clustering methods, also known as the data segmentation method, is the process of grouping specific data depending on their similarities and characteristics

A guide for thesis writers: 5 key elements to be included while writing an abstract

If you are aspiring to publish a part of your thesis in a journal or present it in a conference, then you will likely need to write an abstract for the same. Presented at the beginning of a thesis, abstract is an essential component in a writing process. What makes an abstract so vital is its ability to describe a large work in a few sentences.

Academic Research Consulting Service - Regent Research

Our academic research consulting service is aimed at offering you top-notch consultation for editing and proofreading your academic research. With our professional research consulting services, you gain an edge over other research scholars, as your research documents are free of linguistic and formatting errors and of plagiarism of all kinds.

PhD Thesis Writing Tips, PhD Thesis Writers in Delhi - Thesis Clinic

Looking for PhD thesis writing tips in India? Take help from expert PhD thesis writers in Delhi at Thesis Clinic. It is not easy to prepare a research document with over ten thousand words with complete precision, following all the stated norms of the respective university. Thesis Clinic is the place where these worries can be put to rest. The organisation boasts of a team of expert PhD thesis writers who offer tips on the various dimensions of thesis writing.

Unable to complete writing your thesis? Here’s how to survive writer’s block

While writing your PhD thesis, there comes a point when you just stare at the computer screen and not write a single word there or waste time by reading the already written chapters. It is the stage where your brain simply refuses to work further, and hands to write. And being cognizant of the fact that you don’t have an eternity to complete writing it, you just can’t let yourself stay in that blocked zone. 

Choose Your Dissertation Topic Wisely

Research scholars generally choose their dissertation topic with their preferences or by following the suggestions of their professors or lecturers. You can pick a suitable topic with the help of your lecturer. Even if you have made up your mind on your own that you have to research a topic, you should discuss it with your professor or any of your senior.

Manuscript Editing Services, Manuscript Editors for Hire - Journal Experts

Our team keeps interacting with authors, journal editors and keep discovering new pain areas for authors to get their manuscript developed, reviewed and eventually published

ERP Modules for Educational Institutions, ERP software for educational institutes in india - ERP Ninjas

Education has become the most flourished business type for people with plenty of details to be managed. The ERP software for educational institutes in India helps you manage an entire educational institution, from admissions to assessments of the students. The ERP modules for educational institutions organises all the details to provide a proper list for a smooth workflow of the educational institution.

Voice Search & SEO in 2018 : How The Tables Can Be Turned Upside Down | Webgoka

Recent research reports that almost 93% of voice queries have been made in informal, and conversational tone as if a friend is asking for a great place to hang out! This means no keywords but only dialogues- incompleted! And such conversational queries are answered through featured snippets which might be catered through Schema markup or even not. With voice search functionality, it would be tough for you to understand the user’s search behavior.