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Updated by amelia-grantny on Jan 30, 2020
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7 Main Steps to Recover From Sports Injuries

Sports are a good way to keep you in shape and improve your overall health. However, it is a well-known fact that injuries are part of the game and they are inevitable. Sports injuries can happen because of accidents, poor warming up or improper gear. Some people get injured just because they are not in good shape. Lack of stretching could also cause serious injuries.




The recovery period from sports injuries highly depends on the severity of the injury itself and the professionalism of your sports injury doctor who will take care of your injury management and rehabilitation.

If during your visit to the sports injury clinic, your doctor advised you to stay at home for some period of time, there are 7 main steps that specialists recommend to follow during the rehabilitation process.


Step 1: Take a rest

If you experience severe pain or are using crutches or a splint, do not attempt to exercise the injured body part that still hurts. You should allow the injured body part to heal properly. If you cannot avoid exercising, make sure to consult your sports injury specialists to make sure that you do not worsen the injury. Even if the doctor allows you to exercise, you may have to do the exercises with a trainer for the purpose of avoiding any further injuries.


Step 2: Restore the full function of the injured part of the body

In the vast majority of cases, sports injury specialists will prescribe certain exercises to restore full motion. As a rule of law, you cannot move on with the recovery process until you experience limited motion. A simple example of that could be an injured ankle. Until you can move your ankle in the same way as before the injury, you cant move on with the next step in the recovery process.


Step 3: Bring back regular gait

Gait refers to the way you normally walk. A lot of people claim that it is difficult to regain their natural gait after an injury. You should not continue to the next step of the recovery process if you still encounter problems with your gain. In other words, you should not be limping while walking.


Step 4: Improve your muscle strength

During the recovery process, the majority of the time your body is in the stage of resting. As a result, your muscles lose their strength. Thus, you have to regain the strength of your muscles that have been resting. Normally, your sports injury doctor will give you a list of weight-training exercises aimed to restore muscle strength. It is important to start with low-weight exercises and increase gradually. Otherwise, you might get injured again.


Step 5: Improve your endurance

The time needed to regain your endurance depends on the person and the duration of the healing process. The longer the person has not been involved in any kind of sports activities, the more time he/she will need to get back to his regular endurance and vise versa. Do not stress your body to the extreme when you just come back from the injury.


Step 6: Regain skills

Any kind of sports injury involves a healing process, thus, the absence of your favorite sport for some period of time. During the recovery stage, you will eventually lose some skills and will not be as sharp as before the injury. However, you should not be worried about it that much, it will come back to you after some time.


Step 7: Become confident

As was mentioned above, the absence of sport in your life for some time might cause your set skill to go away. The same goes for your confidence. Your physical injury can also cause you to suffer some degree of self-esteem loss. Before coming back to the game, make sure you are ready to handle it psychologically. Yoga and meditation exercises will do the job.

Making use of a sports injury clinic is a must if you got injured. In this case, a professional physical therapist will take care of your whole recovery process, which will make the healing process smoother and faster. Keep in mind that the recovery process requires patience, therefore do not try to speed it up.