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6 Kinds of inbound numbers that your business needs

With an inbound number, you can track the success of your marketing campaigns with comprehensive call reports, route your calls to preferred answered at different times of the day, or redirect your calls to a phone answering service to manage your after-hours calls.


1300 Numbers

Unlock powerful features with Alltel 1300 numbers.
Imagine getting a phone number that is also a powerful tool for your business. 1300 numbers can do exactly that. A virtual business phone number, a 1300 number can be customised to help you manage your incoming calls, allowing you to operate your business, your way.

Whether you’re a small business in a home office or a large organisation, 1300 numbers offer unrivalled functionality and flexibility.


1800 Numbers

When you get your 1800 number with Alltel, you know you’re backed by over a decade’s experience as a top inbound number provider in Australia. Whether you’re a small business, a large enterprise or a not-for-profit organisation, getting an 1800 phone number is a great way to attract more callers.

1800 numbers give callers the freedom to call your business from any fixed lined in Australia completely toll-free for the whole duration of the call. Adding to that, 1800 phone numbers can create a positive brand image while giving your business the flexibility of inbound call management.


13 Numbers

A 13 number is a cut above the rest. With only six-digits in total, 13 numbers are highly memorable and easy to dial. If you’re after business phone number that makes the ultimate statement for your brand, then get a 13 number with Alltel.

Just like 1300 or 1800 number services, 13 numbers have all the flexibility of any inbound number services, allowing you to manage your incoming calls and routing them across multiple offices or locations.



Smartnumbers are distinctive phone numbers that are considered ‘the best’ 13, 1800, and 1300 numbers available. These inbound numbers come in the form of phone words which spell out your business name or service e.g. 1300 ALLTEL (1300 255 835), and numbers that come in repeating or sequenced numerical patterns e.g. 1300 50 10 50.

The cost of purchasing the rights of use to a Smartnumber varies depending on its memorability. You may buy it directly from the Alltel Shop or from ACMA with the help of our B2B specialists. Each number can cost $250 upwards. Once you have secured your number, Alltel—a Smartnumber specialist— can activate it as your provider.


Local Numbers

Local Number is an inbound number service that makes it easy for your business to reach out to customers outside your local area. As virtual ‘local’ numbers, these help you capture a national market while offering local call rates in any major Australian city— regardless of where your business is located.

The phone numbers used to dial your Local Number service are called Direct In Dial (DID) numbers. You can select a DID number in any state or region, and route all calls to a single office. So if you have a business in Sydney, you’re not limited to using (02) numbers. You can still advertise ‘local’ DIDs and attract customers from Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth.


Call Routing

Call Routing, otherwise known as call forwarding, is a feature of 13, 1800, and 1300 numbers that allow businesses to redirect or forward incoming calls to existing phone lines for better call management.

With thousands of configurations available, creating a custom call flow helps your business offer a seamless communication experience with your customers. Our inbound number specialists can help you craft an ideal solution to suit your changing business needs.