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10 amazing things you never knew about Singapore - Interesting Facts about this Iconic Destination

Singapore is one of the most popular travel destinations in the world. Read on and find out about the top 10 interesting things about this remarkable country.


Singapore has 63 islands

There are close to 60 offshore islands which are collectively known as Singapore! This is a fact which is not well known among the masses. These islands include the world-famous Sentosa Island as well.


The first night zoo in the world is located in Singapore

Of course, everyone knows that there are unique charms and attractions here. But not many people know that the very first night zoo in the world is located in Singapore! Needless to say, if you are travelling here with your loved ones, you have to make sure you visit it!


There are manmade waterfalls here

If you travel to an exotic destination like Sri Lanka and Thailand, you will come across a large number of natural waterfalls. But in Singapore, you will find a large number of manmade waterfalls which enthral tourists as well as locals effortlessly.


The language of Singapore is quite colourful

The locals living in Singapore have colourfully made the English language their own. The language spoken here is fondly known as Singlish. You will hear unique phrases and sentences which will quite often confuse you!


Singapore pioneered the very first F1 night race

Racing enthusiasts will be delighted to learn that in Singapore the very first F1 night races were held.


Singapore is known to be of the greenest cities in the world

In many ways, Singapore is ahead of the rest of the world. It is known to be one of the greenest cities in the world too. You will find the air quality to be of supreme quality here for sure. There is very little pollution here as well. The locals are very conscious of the manner in which they discard their trash.


There are lots of interesting neighbourhoods to explore

A number of people think Singapore is nothing but a cosmopolitan metropolis which has nothing but glitzy city thrills to offer. But there are plenty of charming neighbourhoods in the city that you will be able to explore. If you stay at a centrally located city hall hotel in Singapore you will be able to visit these places with immense ease. Hotels like Grand Park City Hall are great options to explore here for sure.


There is something to celebrate every day!

There are lots of cultural events and festivals taking place in Singapore so you will be able to enjoy yourself immensely for sure. Throughout the year events and cultural activities add colour to the city life.


The lion city may have been inspired by a tiger

Many people know that mythical merlion is a prominent character in Singapore. But not many people know that the lion city of Singapore may have in fact been inspired by a tiger!


The food culture in Singapore is remarkable

You will be able to enjoy some sensational treats while travelling in Singapore! Be sure to experiment with different flavours and tastes of the land as you travel and you will surely not regret it!

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