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Aritficial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Science & Analytics

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For Intel, the winning factor has been staying closely aligned with its strategy of ‘no one size fits all’ approach and ensuring its evolving portfolio of solutions and products stays AI-relevant. The technology behemoth has been at the forefront of the AI revolution, helping enterprises and startups operationalize AI by reimagining computing and offering full-stack AI solutions, spanning software and hardware that add additional value to end customers. Intel has also heavily built up a complete ecosystem of partnerships and has made significant inroads into specific industry verticals and applications like telecom, healthcare and retail, helping the company drive long-term growth

Vodafone-Idea’s Dhruv Rastogi Unpacks The AI Opportunities For Telecom

According to Dhruv Rastogi, Vice President for Big Data and Advanced Analytics at Vodafone Idea, the AI opportunities are tremendous in telecom domain due to the amount of data that can be tapped to uncover insights about subscribers.

Intel Dumps Nervana: What Does It Mean For Its AI Ambition?

In December 2019, Intel had announced its decision to acquire a startup — Habana Labs for a whopping $2 billion. The acquisition sent a signal what it might mean for Nervana — another AI startup acquired by Intel in 2016.

With $10 Billion In Revenues, Does Google Cloud Stand A Chance Against AWS? - Analytics India Magazine

AWS brought in nearly $10 billion in sales in its quarterly results, hitting a $40 billion annual run rate, which is four times the projection for Google.

This New Tool Helps Developers In Effective Hyperparameter Tuning 

To ease the exhaustive trial and error kind of experimental procedures, Facebook AI has released HiPlot for the public and to efficiently tune hyperparameter for deep neural network.

Benchmark Analysis of Popular Image Classification Models

classification models have been the torch bearers of machine learning
revolution over the past couple of decades. From medical diagnosis to self-driving
cars to smartphone photography, the field of computer vision has its hold on wide
variety of applications.

India Needs Cheap And Clean Computation To Grow, What Can Be Done?

What if India could get its compute infrastructure to be much cheaper and cleaner while it grows to be the biggest consumer of Internet services? That is the question that the Indian internet, data centre and technological ecosystem should seek answers to.  More than 36% per cent of Indians have access to the Internet today. This is one of the lower estimates and this number is growing rapidly with the adoption of smartphones and computing devices. The penetration of the internet in rural India is much lower than in urban areas. India comes only second to China in terms of active internet users. 

Scribit & MIT’s Tenzin Priyadarshi Draw Robotic Mandala, Bring Alive The Art Of Meditation

The year 2020 has seen the world's first "write & erase" robot that can transform any vertical surface into a canvas.

60 Interview Questions On Machine Learning

Here are 60 most commonly asked interview questions for data scientists, broken into linear regression, logistic regression and clustering.

Top Skills To Show On Your Data Science Resume Beyond Just The Tools

Today, data science resume should not be confined to just fancy tools but skills that can differentiate from other applicants.

Key Insights From The First-Ever Apache Airflow Meetup Hosted By Qubole

From understanding platform insights on achieving high scale using Airflow to how Qubole is utilising its data using Airflow, this meet up went beyond

The Ultimate Guide To Getting Started With Cybersecurity

When you are beginning a career in cybersecurity, you have to ensure that you analyse the various job roles that the industry offers.

Everything You Need To Know About Business Analytics

Read to know everything about business analytics evolution and why you should take BA courses to differentiate yourself in the competitive market.

How To Start A Career In Data Science

Currently, the total number of analytics and data science job positions available are more than 90,000 and compared

INSOFE Launches PGP (Honours) in Data Science, in Collaboration with IIT Ropar and CICE, Canada

INSOFE teamed up with IIT Ropar and CICE, Carleton University to offer - “PGP (Honours) in Data Science”, a specialization program

An Introductory Guide To AI & Machine Learning - Analytics India Magazine

An introductory guide to AI and ML for aspirants who want to make their career in data science space. Take this PG program to differentiate.

Study: Gender Diversity In Analytics - 2020

Women are breaking the glass ceiling across industries and enterprises, rising to the top echelons of company departments and management. Nevertheless, the participation of women in the technology sector, and more specifically across the data science domain, is still significantly constrained by low participation fueled by possible hiring stereotypes and mindsets around women in science functions v/s women in art functions.

How To Crack A Data Science Interview

The data science and analytics sector in India has witnessed a sharp increase in demand for highly-skilled professionals

Interview With Juergen Schmidhuber: The Renaissance Man

Juergen Schmidhuber believes that this decade will witness proliferation of Active AI in industrial processes and machines and robots.

Data Science Masterclass In Collaboration With ISB

With the advancement in technology, there has been significant impact across e-commerce, BFSI, healthcare, retail, among others. As Data Science and Machine Learning diving deep into operations, there is a noteworthy disruption at the workplace with Data Scientists immersing their hands into new tools and techniques. 

11 Ways Artificial Intelligence Is Fighting Coronavirus(COVID-19)

As the experts and policymakers around the world shift their focus towards containing COVID-19, the role of surveillance and drug discovery

Go Beyond Upskilling In Data Science & Machine Learning With MTech Program From Great Learning & PES University

Great Learning has collaborated with PES University to offer an MTech Program in Data Science and Machine Learning.

Whitepaper: How BFSIs are Leveraging Analytics to Enhance the Customer Experience

The that emerged from the BFSI roundtable was the leveraging of analytics to identify the channels or ecosystems the customer is most comfortable with or most frequently uses

How Can India Produce 1 Million Cybersecurity Professionals By 2020?

The 6-month-long programme is designed to get the cybersecurity learners employed in India by providing them with a broad understanding of the basic and advanced concepts.

Analytics India Salary Study 2020 – By AIM & Jigsaw Academy

The annual Analytics India Salary report presented by AIM and Jigsaw Academy is the only annual study in India that delves into salary trends and provides a comprehensive view of the changing landscape of analytics salaries. The report, now in its sixth year, look at the distribution of average salaries across several categories including, years of experience, metropolitan regions, industries, education levels, gender, tools, and skills.