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Famous Singapore Food to Try – Cuisine to try before you die

Singapore is one of the most visited places on Earth and it's a very, very tiny country so you might wonder what the appeal is. Well, it's many things the food is certainly one.


Bak Kut Teh – Pork Rib Soup

Bak Kut Teh is a very traditional dish and its origins are the topic of much debate. Some believe that a poor beggar came to a food stall and asked the vendor for some food. Wanting to help the poor beggar but out of ingredients the vendor made a soup of leftover pork bones and spiced the soup with star anise and pepper which gives the broth a tea-like colour.


Wanton Mee

This very popular dish was influenced heavily by Hong Kong cuisine though it has become an integral part of Singaporean cuisine. The Noodles are usually dry and served with Pork Char Siew, Wanton dumpling filled with pork and a small bowl of soup on the side. This dish can be made to be either spicy or not so check before you try. Wanton Mee found in Malaysia is much darker in texture than the version found in Singapore.


Fried Carrot Cake

Though this may sound like a dessert it's not. In fact, it's actually made with carrots, preserved radishes and white radish which resembles a white carrot and hence gave rise to the misleading name. This dish is very popular in both Malaysia and Singapore and comes in many variations, most notably the 'black' version with sweet sauce and a crispy version with the cake fried on top of a beaten egg.



This is another dish heavily inspired by Hong Kong/ Shanghai-style cuisine though it is not exactly one dish but rather an assortment of many small savoury 'snacks'. Dim-Sum is meant to be shared amongst a group in the typical Chinese dining sharing custom. Dim-Sum will usually include BBQ pork buns, Long Bao, Siew Mai and Chee Cheong Fun among others.


Kaya Toast and Soft Boiled Eggs

Park Royal on Kitchener Road Singapore is one of the best places to stay if you're visiting the city. It is easily one of the best hotels in Little India Singapore and serves an excellent breakfast. And when thinking about breakfast in Singapore how not bring up Kaya toast and soft boiled eggs – the traditional Singaporean breakfast. Simple rectangular white slices of bread are toasted on the grill and slathered with coconut or egg Kaya and butter and served with delicious soft boiled eggs. With a little coffee on the side, it's simply bliss.



One of the ingredients which are synonymous with Singapore; the crab is prepared in a multitude of ways through two methods of preparation stand out as the two most popular. The crab is either prepared in a sweet and spicy tomato-like sauce or in a black pepper sauce. Both are simply delicious and it's hard to pick which is best, why stress try both you won't be displeased.

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