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Resources for content marketers wishing to engage and convert including blogging and website content tips, advice, strategy and best practice

The Negative Impact of Inconsistent Branding

Brand consistency is important, just take a look at the email I received today (2nd July 2013) from Dot Com Gift Shop. I'm a long standing repeat customer and have enjoyed seeing the brand develop a strong online identity over the past few years.

SEO - What is Link Diversity?

Google wants to see natural links on websites, which is all well and good, but what does that mean in practice and how to do you make sure your link building strategy doesn't result in a Google penalty?

Dealing With Internet Trolls

Earlier this week MP Stella Creasy hit the headlines for vocally supporting the complaints made to Twitter by Ms Criado-Perez, an activist keen to see eminent women included on bank notes. Following a stream of abuse that escalated into threats of rape, Ms Criado-Perez contacted Twitter.

How social media can increase customer satisfaction

Satisfied customers are valuable to a business for a number of reasons. Not only are happy customers more likely to shop with you again but they are far more likely to spread positive sentiment about their experience which will help to attract new customers to you.

5 social media myths busted!

Whilst awareness of social media as a marketing tool is at an all time high, a number of misconceptions still abound. In this article I will look at 5 of the most common social media myths I've come across. Anyone can do it Running social media activities for a business is very different to maintaining a personal social media account.

Farewell To Google Analytics Keyword Data

On 23rd September 2013 Google confirmed changes were coming in relation to the keyword data it provides in Google Analytics. They are currently working on encrypting all keyword search data meaning that your 'Not provided' keywords will soon reach 100%, as no such data will be provided in Google Analytics.

Google Hummingbird - The New Google Algorithm & What You Need To Know

Google Hummingbird is the new Google algorithm and this article look at the SEO impact and what all webmasters and content marketers need to know...

Christmas Email Marketing Ideas | Social Media Today

Shell Robshaw-Bryan Tis' the season to be least, it will be very soon, so now is the ideal time to plan your Christmas promotions. Online retailers in particular can greatly benefit from strategically planned, cross channel sales promotions, which can be easily launched via an email marketing campaign.

Increase Your Sales With Our Free Christmas Marketing Ideas eGuide

With millions of shoppers primed and ready to purchase, capturing the attention of your customers is never more important. You'll find practical ideas that you can easily and quickly impliment to help you make the most of the festive period.

Review Of The Year: The Big SEO Changes In 2013

With the new year rapidly approaching and the end of 2013 now in sight, looking back, one thing is certain, it's been a tumultuous and challenging year for website owners. The source of these challenges can be explained in just one word. Google.

12 Golden Rules For Posting On Facebook eGuide - Business Basics Social Media

Thanks to ongoing changes to the Facebook Newsfeed Algorithm, (commonly referred to as 'EdgeRank'), It is increasingly difficult to maintain any meaningful organic visibility in Facebook. This means that making sure you are getting the basics right is more important than ever.

Improve Online Reviews With Good Old Fashioned Customer Service

When it comes to bad online reviews and negative brand sentiment, i've got a fair bit of experience in the area. I spent 18 months working for a prominent online retailer, who over the years, had managed to amass a startling number of dissatisfied customers.

How to write great website content

In previous posts I've looked at why paying attention to your content makes sense, so this time i'm going to discuss all of the basics you will need to be aware of in order to write effective website content. Don't just write, lay your foundations and plan Before you can write your content you need to plan it.

The importance of images in website content

Most of us are aware that the use of images in social media communications increases engagement, but does this visual approach also translate through to your web site? Web users are bored easily. Why wouldn't they be when they know that another quick click and they can get something better?

Crucial Content Marketing Checklist - 10 questions to ask yourself before you publish new content

With strategic content creation, (the creation of content with a specific business goal in mind), it is critical that you take a systematic approach to ensure the quality and clarity of your content. As a result, I've put together this list of 10 questions to help ensure that the quality of all content you produce and publish is consistently high.

6 Great infographics looking at email and content marketing

I've stated before that I love inforgraphics, but that doesn't mean I think all infographics are great! The key to producing something great is hard facts and data, presented in an attractive and interesting way.

In 2013 content is king, but just how good is your content?

In case you hadn't already noticed, 2013 is all about content. Google's ever evolving ranking algorithm has finally come of age and is sophisticated enough to be able to rank sites based on the quality and relevance of their content like never before.

Social media really does actively influence sales!

Perhaps you are a business owner that's still not convinced that investing in social media can result in making more sales? If that is the case, then this personal anecdote is for you and very clearly illustrates how social media really can convert customers and drive sales.

Facebook Basics Part 2 - 15 practical Facebook tips and activities

Following on from my Facebook Basics Part 1 - Understanding the business benefits of Facebook article last week, this is the second and final part and looks at some Facebook facts and tips that will help you get the most out of your Facebook activities.

Facebook Basics Part 1 - Understanding the business benefits of Facebook

Introduction to Facebook pages for business Facebook is the king of social networks and as such, almost doesn't need an introduction. It is likely that you are already familiar with Facebook and probably have your own Facebook profile. With over a billion users, it's the biggest social network with a user base that is still growing.

Beware of bad marketing advice from self proclaimed 'experts'

I read an article the other day called "How to manipulate people for fun and profit". I'm not going to link to it because in my opinion, the advice it provided was utter garbage, highlighting the ease with which one can tout themselves as an 'expert' but in reality, prove they are anything but by giving not just poor, but potentially damaging advice.

Understanding the business benefits of Pinterest

If you are familiar with mood boards, then Pinterest won't be too difficult to get your head around. It's essentially a digital pin board, a place where you can collate and categorise anything visually appealing that you come across online.

Yahoo Unveil New Logo

After a design process lasting 30 days and dubbed by Yahoo! "30 Days of Change", Yahoo! have today finally unveiled their new logo. It's interesting that the new logo actually looks more dated and bland than their previous logo.

Facebook Changes Give Share, Like, Win Promotions Thumbs Up

It used to be the case that it was against Facebook's rule to run a share, like, win kind of promotion on a business or brand page and that the only way to run this kind of promotion was via an authorised page app like Woobox or ShortStack.

7 Tips to Make Your Content Pop!

Making the most out of the content you've written is essential in determining it's success. Make sure your content pops by considering these 7 factors... 1 Think about keywords This is important for SEO and in helping your readers location information that is relevant to them.