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Updated by Joanna James on Jan 28, 2020
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5 Seafood dishes to try out in Busan - Foods that will make your mouth water!

Busan is the largest port city of South Korea. The coastline here might have boosted the local commerce, but it has given rise to something else too. Wondering what? Well, the seafood here attracts people from all over this country and some from across the globe. Here are some of the seafood dishes that you cannot deny your tastebuds.


Fish Cakes

Fishcakes originally came from Japan and were then brought to South Korea. This is a staple local food now and the ones prepared in Busan are very famous around the country. You can try these delicious meals at any of the street food stalls for authentic flavours. There are different varieties of seafood and you can choose the one that appeals to you the most! Prepared to be overwhelmed by the collection!



This is another mouth-watering dish which is prepared out of fresh shellfish. The shellfish is grilled to perfection right at your dinner table on an open flame. This dish comes with a delicious sauce made out of onions and melted butter. This is one of the seafood that is very popular among the locals and foreigners alike. You must try it in some of the best restaurants in Busan. For instance, you can check out the restaurant at Avani Central Busan Hotel.


Saengseon hwe

This seafood is basically Korean-styled sashimi and it's one of the popular seafood dishes here in Busan. The sashimi is made to perfection with the addition of fresh ingredients and herbs. And some of the most popular restaurants in town serve this dish by lacing with unique flavours. The restaurants selling this type of sashimi has been visited by local celebrities too, making it all the more popular.


Ganjang Gejang

Wondering what is this is all about? Well, you can expect it to be delicious and that is why it has made it into this list. This local dish showcases crabmeat in a way you have never tried before. The meat is sprinkled with herbs and ingredients that give it a very unique taste. The dish is served with the crab shell onto which the rice is mixed. And guess what you do with the shell at the end? Well, once you have scrubbed all the meat off the shell, add some leftover rice to the shell to draw out all the remaining traces of the delicious sauce and eat it up!



This is quite a bold dish. Something you wouldn't expect to make it onto a plate. This is a local favourite and the dish basically serves grilled eel. Only freshwater eel is used in this process and is cooked up in an open griddle in most of the waterfront restaurants of Busan. The eel is seasoned with all kinds of herbs and condiments making it exquisite. Besides, it is well known to be nutritious as it's packed with the right amounts of vitamins that will increase blood circulation and help with wrinkles.