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The Commission Church

Commission Church in USA Country established since 2018. We are a Bible-based, non-denominational church, our mission, and purpose has always been and always will be Jesus. We believe the church is the hope of the world and is the perfect place to see more of Jesus in our city and our nation


Plano TX is a beautiful county having entertainment, sports, shopping restaurants, and beautiful churches to explore. You will find many spiritual events in Plano TX.

The Church In Plano

Everything has a purpose in the world. As The Church In Plano our values revolves around these 5 core things: Love, Worship, Grow, Connect, Multiply. Join our live session every Sunday to learn more and be a part of our journey.

Spiritual Church in Plano TX

Are you wondering how spirituality affects human life? Then visit the spiritual Church in Plano TX. In this church everyone trying to get closer to the God and brings positivity from holy environment of the church. Visit the church and experience a live service.

Worship in Church in Plano TX

Are you living an average life and want something more in terms of happiness and fulfilment? Then you have come to right place. Go to the Church in Plano TX and feel the positivity that will change your life from inside out.

Going To Church in Plano Gives Greater Fulfillment

Church! Why bother going to Church? For many people going to church sounds stiff. In these busy life of ours, going to church brings peace. It is something you should seriously consider going to. Not as a ritual but, sometimes that helps you sane.

Welcome_to_commission Church

Welcome to the commission church in Plano,TX. Soul Filled addresses reality that the congregation of Jesus Christ is today, as it has been since its day birth, filled with the very presence, force, and brilliance of God's own Spirit. Come to join our Sunday worship, at 10 Am in Plano, TX
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Joining a church in Allen, TX, provides you with an opportunity to do what you have always wanted to do, and that is to spread the word of God. You can get together with your fellow church members and conduct awareness programs to acquaint more people with your faith and bring them closer to the almighty.


Spirit Filled Church Dallas

Spirit Filled Church Dallas

Our Commission Church located at Dallas, TX and we are Bible-trusting, Spirit-filled, Spirit-empowered Church that follows the Commission church to “go and make Lerner”. If want to join us, please visit on Sunday 10 AM at Courtyard Theater, 1509 H Ave, Plano, TX 75074

Church in Allen Tx

We're happy you are here. The commission church is a Spirit-filled church in Allen, TX where you can discover who you are, why God made you, and what your purpose is. Our vision revolves around these values that we call the 5 standards of our DNA: Love, Worship, Grow, connect and multiply.

Get Bible-Based Church in Allen TX - USA

If you are looking to visit the bible-based Church in Allen TX, then welcome to the Commission Church. we will help you to glorify Jesus in everything you do and thus, center your worship on God. Join us every Sunday at 10:00 am. Visit

Come & Join with us Every Sunday at Church Plano Tx by Commission Church

The Commission Church in Plano, Texas warmly welcomes you. We are believers in the Lord Jesus Christ and help people to develop faith in him. Please come & join us every Sunday at 10 am, at Church Plano, TX. To know more about our services, call us 214-843-1817

A life-giving church in Plano, Dallas, Richardson, Commission Church

Commission Church is a non-denominational and spirit-filled church located in Plano, TX. Find your purpose and a faith community at Commission Church! Visit us this Sunday at 10AM.

The Commission Church - Church in Allen Tx (Communities - Volunteers)

The church in Allen Tx gives various ways to serve the community and serve God. You can participate by enrolling in, Service times, Sermons, Kids, Get connected at Growth Track, Life Groups, Serve different communities/events, etc. Follow us know

Find Spirit Filled Church Dallas In USA- The Commission Church

Commission Church is a non-denominational and spirit-filled church located in Plano, TX. Find your purpose and a faith community at Commission Church! Visit us this Sunday at 10AM.

Church In Dallas Tx- Discover The True Meaning Of Your Life!

When there is a need to practice the oneness of life, there is no better place than a church to do this. The church is a place of fellowship with other churches to express the worldwide body of Christ. If you are finding a great Church in Dallas Tx is a place where believers of the town gather and reaffirm their faith in the glory ad magnanimity of the Lord. It is a place where every believer receivers the other believers like their brothers and sisters that also believe in Jesus Christ.

Join spirit-filled church Dallas and understand the real-life meaning -

In churches, God speaks with people through the Holy Spirit. In Dallas, you can find churches filled with holy spirits. Spirit filled church in Dallas is quite popular for its Christianity. In Dallas, Christianity emphasizes good spirits, modern-day miracles, spiritual gifts, etc. as a regular part of believers. There are seven famous gifts available of the Holy Spirit. These spirit-filled churches are not only helping a person to realize divine power but also help to increase mental peace. That will also help to spread love all around.

Join Very Peaceful Church in Richardson Tx | Don’t feel guil… | Flickr

Don’t feel guilty for your past, just pray before God and start a new journey. We have faith on Jesus, he is our saviour. Join very Peaceful Church in Richardson TX and surrender yourself before God. Feel free to contact us anytime.

Join the Church in Dallas Tx

Become absolutely peaceful within you by praying before God. Prayer is the only way to know your true self. We are in the mission to empowering ourselves by connecting with the God. Join the Church in Dallas Tx now and we will help each other in this journey. Visit

Spirit filled church in Dallas | Spirit filled church in Dal…

Spirit filled church in Dallas provides all the spiritual gifts to its believers. They discuss those seven popular spiritual gifts briefly. To know more join The Commission Church.

Why make it Important to Visit the Church Regularly?

In the times that we live, it is significant for all of us to make sure that we keep visiting religious places at least once or twice a week. However, many of us are so much engrossed in our lives that we often do not pay attention to this. Today there are so many people around the world that avoid visiting the church in Dallas TX. Keeping this in mind, we will now explain to you why it is important to keep going to church regularly.• Connect With GodYou will be connected to good when you visit this religious place. Sitting here and praying is what makes you realize the existence of god and helps you get in connection with him.• Feel the ReverenceLife in regular conditions is stressful enough, but we might all benefit from some calm, silence, and respect in this moment of confusion and continuous transition. When visiting the church in Dallas, TX, we are led to a place of reverence and peace.• Find Deeper Meaning to LifeThe church is where the true meaning of our lives is discovered. After getting stuck in this world, it is very important for all of us to get out and have a peaceful life. Even though you may not get the sacraments here, but a moment of silent prayer is enough for you to get the bliss of life.• Teach Your KidsIf you are a parent, then it is very important for you to take your kids along with you to the church. They will be learning a lot of new things here which will make it easy for you to make them inclined towards Christ. It will help them appreciate the wonderful essence of the Catholic religion.Now that you know why it is important to visit the church in Dallas, TX, we hope that you must have made up your mind to do the same. Commission Church is here to help you know why having a relationship with Jesus is important for you. Hurry up and visit them at to know more about how they can help you!