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Updated by Patrick Walter on Jun 11, 2020
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What You Should NEVER Tell The IRS | 2020 Tax Tips from IRS Attorney Nick Nemeth

What You Should NEVER Tell The IRS | 2020 Tax Tips from IRS Attorney Nick Nemeth

If you’re suffering from an IRS problem and find it difficult to understand or deal with, you’re not at fault - the federal tax code is so complex that it’s difficult for almost anyone to completely understand. If you’re at odds with the IRS, Dallas-Fort Worth Tax-Debt Attorney Nick Nemeth has some free advice for you - the three crucial things you should know before you speak to anyone from the IRS.

How Far Back Should I Worry About Unfiled Tax Returns? | Nick Nemeth Blog

Unfiled tax returns can really disrupt your peace and result in financial hardships. In this blog, MyIRSteam explores how far back you ought to worry about unfiled taxes. Read on.

Small Business Tips To Handle Tax Liens | Nick Nemeth Blog

Failing to meet your taxing obligations with the IRS will eventually lead to penalties and sanctions one of which is the dreaded tax lien. By getting informed and soliciting professional tax lien assistance, you can navigate your way out of tax problems such as a tax lien. Read more.

What Happens If You Fail To Pay Your Taxes? | Nick Nemeth Blog

If you want to take concrete steps to settle the tax issue, the team at the Law Offices of Nick Nemeth to provide you with comprehensive IRS tax help such as tax lien assistance, it pays to be informed. Here is a brief overview of what happens if you fail to pay your taxes. Read on.

What You Need To Know About an IRS Tax Levy | Nick Nemeth Blog

To best deal with IRS tax problems, the first step we suggest taking is learning everything about tax levies. This will enable you to move forward with the best resolution for your IRS tax problems. In this blog, we delve into everything you need to know about IRS tax levies, including how they can affect you.

IRS Currently Non-Collectable (CNC) Status Explained By Tax Attorney Nick Nemeth

IRS Attorney Nick Nemeth explains how being declared Currently Non-Collectable, (CNC), might be a potential fix to your IRS problem - but in the end, you may still have to pay the taxes you owe, plus penalties and interest.

The Steps Involved In An IRS Tax Investigation | IRS Problem Resolution

If any fraud in tax-related matters is suspected by an IRS special agent, a systematic investigation is usually carried out by the Department of Justice. In this blog post, we will discuss the various steps involved in a typical IRS Tax Investigation. Read on.

A Closer Look at Offer in Compromise: The IRS Debt Relief Program | Nick Nemeth Blog

An OIC involves debt forgiveness, allowing taxpayers to settle their debt by paying a lesser amount than what is owed. To learn more about the IRS Offer in Compromise debt relief option, keep reading!