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Plastic Water Storage Tank

Penguin Tank, manufacture ISO-certified water tanks that possess features like Linear Low density Polyethylene (LLDPE) and Threaded Lid design. Our tanks can sustain upto 45 degree Centigrade and keep the water inside it cool and clean.

Why And How Should You Keep Your Domestic Water Storage Tank Clean?

Let us take a look at why it is important to keep your domestic water storage tank clean and how exactly you can clean the tank easily with a few steps.

Good And Bad Effects Of Algae In The Water And Ecosystem

Take care that algae are not growing in your domestic or commercial water storage tanks. Try to maintain the ecosystem of water bodies surrounding you.

This Republic Day Take A Note Of The Scarcity Of Water In India

This Republic Day, Penguin Tank, a commercial water storage tank provider in India has drawn you a clear picture of the current situation of water in India.

Overhead Water Storage Tank Uses And Maintenance

An overhead tank can only be used when it is maintained properly and used with care. Here are some tips on how you can maintain an overhead tank and what are i…

Why You Should Go For MAXX Foam Plastic Water Storage Tank?

MAXX foam plastic water storage tank has become quite popular now. Read on to find out why you should go for this tank and why it has become so popular.

5 Reasons Why Water Tank From Penguin Tank Is A Must-Have – Water Tank Supplier in India

Buying a plastic water storage tank takes a lot of research and time. Here we have given you 5 reasons on why, you should go for Penguin tank in India.

Everything You Should Know About Watershed Management

Whether it’s in a plastic water storage tank or the watershed, it should be without any impurities. Here is everything to know about watershed management.

Which One To Choose:Underground Or Above Ground Plastic Water Tank?

Above-ground plastic water storage tanks have a lot more advantages than an underground tank. If you are looking for a tank, buy one from Penguin Tank.

5 Awesome Features Of Loft Tank That You Must Take Note Of

If you are buying a loft tank, make sure it has all five qualities. Buy it from Penguin Tank, who provides the best quality plastic water storage tank.

Rotomoding Water Tanks: How Much Does It Really Help?

Rotomolding tanks are the most popular and efficient advancement in plastic water storage tanks. Take a look at why you should but one for your purposes.

5 Reasons You Need MAXX Foam 4 And 5 Domestic Water Storage Tank

Read on to find out the five reasons on why MAXX Foam 4 and MAXX Foam 5 tanks are the perfect domestic water storage tank that you can use in your home.

Does Your Plastic Water Storage Tank Really Need To Be Black?

Water storage tanks are a part of every home, yet most of the time we don’t give it much thought. Unless you need to buy a new plastic water storage tank, or suddenly the tank becomes empty, we…

5 Factors To Consider When Calculating The Size Of Your Water Tank

There are so many varying sizes of plastic water storage tanks. Here are some factors that you should consider before choosing the size of your tank.

This World Water Day Get Access To Clean Water With New Technologies

Given here are some of the technological solutions apart from domestic and commercial water storage tanks that have been invented to supply clean water.

Penguin Tank Encourages You To Conserve Water This Holi

Today, at Penguin Tank, a plastic water storage tank supplier has taken the initiative to give people solutions on how to play Holi without wasting water.

6 Important Facts You Should Know About Plastic Water Storage Tank - Penguin Tank

If you prefer to use plastic water storage tank for storing water or you would like to switch to it, here are some facts about them that you must know.

Why To Choose A Domestic Water Storage Tank That Is UV Stabilized?

The best way to avoid your tank getting destroyed from sunlight is to get a domestic water storage tank of certain qualities that will protect the tank.

Some Pros And Cons Of Using A Domestic Water Storage Tank by Priti Das

Domestic water storage tanks are in huge use nowadays. There are several reasons one should install a domestic water storage tank. But there are also some cons of using it too. Let us take a look at t...

This World Water Day Learn Some Interesting Facts About Water

Here are some facts about water, which is very essential in our life. Conserve water and spend the water in your plastic water storage tank carefully.

Some Myths And Facts About Rainwater Harvesting System – Water Tank Supplier in India

Here we have busted some of the myth regarding rainwater harvesting. Store the water collected in a plastic water storage tank to get easy access of water.

Know The Different Types Of Water Storage Tanks Available For Use

Whether you want to choose a steel tank or a plastic water storage tank,it should be according to your requirements. Here are some different types of tanks.

This Earth Day Vow To Make Your Earth A Better Place By Saving Water

The whole world including India is right now sitting at home. So many people are fighting the deadly disease COVID-19, out of which some are dying too. When everything including the future of mankind…

Things To Consider While Deciding Where To Install Your Water Tank

It is essential to choose the right place where you are going to install your plastic water storage tank. So look at these factors that will help you choose

How Can We Save Water ?

One of our most valuable natural resources is the fresh water. Here we have given a few tips on how to save water at home. To Know more visit our website : htt…

Steps To Install A Domestic Water Storage Tank On Your Roof

Take a look at three easy steps to install domestic water storage tank on you roof. Do it carefully to avoid mistakes and get supply of water at home.