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Quality Semi Trailer Repair Is Paramount To Your Safety And Performance

As a truck driver, you understand the value of accomplishing your pre-trip inspection entirely on both your automobile and your semi-trailer. From wall harm, framework bending, doglegging and worse, you want a dependable and effective repairman to repair your trailer issues.

Road Hammer Truck & Trailer Repair | Southgate, MI

At Road Hammer Truck & Trailer Repair we have the equipment and expertise to repair and maintain your truck and trailer, whether that be at our full service shop, or out of our 24-hour roadside service call vehicle.  Our highly trained and certified technicians take pride in performing the highest quality service as quickly and efficiently as possible.  Check out the variety of services that we offer below.

Semi Truck Repair Guide 101

Did you know every year thousands of people die in road accidents that could have been prevented? It’s imperative that you take all the crucial steps to ensure that your semi-truck is safe and well maintained every time you get behind the wheel. Semi-trucks have so much mass when carrying a heavy load that it makes it very hard for them to stop or change direction quickly.

What to consider before choosing a semi-truck repair shop?

As the driver or the owner of the truck, your semi-truck is your livelihood. That’s why when you choose a repair shop it’s imperative you choose one with a great reputation for quality and service. From small repairs to major overhauls Road Hammer repair shop has all your needs covered. This guide below will help you figure out the best repair shop in your area.

24Hr Semi Truck & Trailer Mobile Repair

Trucks breaking down in the middle of the road or while delivering goods to your client can be a fatal blow to your sales for the day. Breakdown of one truck can lead to a host of problems from, reorganizing all the routes and trucks, to assigning different zones to different drivers. To prevent such loss from occurring, call semi-truck repair services offered by Road Hammer Repair 24 hours a day.

Tips When Searching For The Best Truck Repair

What’s the most important thing to look for in a truck repair shop? What makes a good truck repair shop different from the rest? How important is it to get the best truck repair service in your area? How would a good truck repair shop help you regularly? The answers to all these questions are simple. It is always important to look for the truck repair shop that is insured, with a good reliable reputation.

Five Common Semi-Truck Problems

Trucks are always breaking down. It’s just the fact of the matter. Trucks deal with a lot of stress and can break down often. Truck problems are one of the most common issues in the world of transportation. With regular maintenance and annual checkups, your truck can run smoothly for years. Road hammer repair is a must-have for any truck driver.

Road Hammer Is The Number One Semi-Truck Repair Shop Near You

Truck repairs can cost a ton if you don't know where to go. You could end up spending thousands of dollars on services that could require future assistance due to poor installation or sub-par parts. Road Hammer Repair is the number one trusted truck repair specialist in the state of Michigan.