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09 Fun Things to do in Doha - Only the best for you

Doha is an incoming tourist destination in this part of the world, and here is a list of things and places you might want to see and explore while you are in this great city.


The Museum Of Islamic Art

If you are the kind of traveller that likes to know more about the historic side of the city or place you are travelling to, you must definitely visit the museum of Islamic art. This Museum has the biggest collections of ancient Islamic art that comes from three continents.


The Doha Corniche

This beautiful highlight is a water promenade that is found coastal part of the city. This place is a few kilometres long and you will find people walking, cycling or even picnicking by the sea. Many of the major city's attractions like the museum of Islamic art and the Qatar national buildings are found in this area. If you are staying at one of the Doha hotels that are found by the coast the likes of Banana Island Resort Doha by Anantara, you definitely must visit the Corniche.


The Jebal Jassassiyeh

If you want to take a look at traditional and ancient art in Doha, you definitely must visit this place as it is home to more than 900 pieces of carvings that include turtles, images of donkeys, and even aerial views of ancient Qatar and the seas around it. Another highlight that can be found inside this attraction in Doha is the various thick-skinned fossils on display.


The Doha Fort

Visit the remains of this ancient fort which was built in the 19th century by the Turkish people who invaded the area at the time. This place was one of the oldest military bases in the country and now features artefacts and handicrafts that belongs to the old Qatari period.


The Heritage House Doha

Built-in the year 1935, this Heritage House is home to the eras before electricity air conditioning system, which was called the wind tower. Visiting this place will show you how engineering was advanced way ahead of its time back then.


Hunt for Desert Roses

Although not actually real flowers, these crystal formations make for amazing souvenirs and can be dug out under a metre of sand throughout the desert, especially in and around the area of Al Shahaniya.


National Museum Of Qatar

This national Museum also has a palace within itself which was built in the year 1901. This is an attraction you definitely must not miss when you are in Doha, as it is a highlight of the historic attractions in the country.


Desert Adventures In Doha

Take a ride on a 4X4 when you are in Doha, as it is one of the rites of passage for all the travellers in the area. Sand sledging is yet another popular activity among youngsters where you get to race down the mountains of sand on a board or sheet.


Shopping In Doha

Doha is filled with any shopping malls and boutique stores that are a dream come true for the shopaholic in you. Gold Souq, Landmark Shopping Mall and Hyatt Plaza are some popular options.