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Updated by Joanna James on Jan 26, 2020
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Best Scuba Dive Sites in Bali - For all kinds of skills

Bali has some of the best diving spots in this part of the world and here are the top diving spots you must visit if you are partaking in this underwater activity.



This is easily on top of the list because it is definitely one of the best diving sites on earth. This is known for being the best wreck to explore underwater and contrary to what most people think, this is quite an easy place to explore even if you are a beginner. The dive will begin at 30 metres near the shore and go on to just four metres longer once you get closer to the shipwreck. Apart from the shipwreck, the dive also lets you take a look at the corals and fish in the backdrop.



If you are into muck diving and if the thought of muck diving interests you, then this should definitely be on your list of diving spots in Bali. As a muck diver you will know that you will not be able to see much in your excursion but since there is absolutely no current, underwater visibility is quite great. If you are lucky, you will find more than the usual species that are found in the other parts of Bali and especially during the night they are greater in numbers. You will be able to take a look at coral formations that go down for about 25 metres underwater. The best attraction in this site is the coral but back in 1998, the corals found closer to the beaches with destroyed. You will also spot a few manta rays on your underwater diving excursion. If you are staying at a Bali Resort hotel the likes of Anantara Seminyak Bali Resort this location is not too far from your stay.


Menjan Gan Island

If you are planning on diving around this island it will definitely be a very great experience. The diving sites start from 20 metres and go up to about 60 metres underwater. Once you are underwater, you will realise that the coral formations are something you have never seen in your life before. The best time to go diving in this location is from October to November. If your trip to Bali comes around the monsoon season then you can still go underwater and have a great experience but the visibility will be less clear.



Diving spots around this area are popular and you would definitely hear of it as it has some of the best such spots in Bali. The water here is quite colder than the other parts of the country but the visibility is flawless. You will be able to spot various kinds of sharks when diving in the water here and keep your eyes wide open to spot the blacktip and the white tip sharks. If your trip falls during the months of August to October you will be able to see a few other unique marine creatures too.



This is a diving spot that is quite beginner-friendly and is loved by amateur divers. This is a very dive site to explore, so keep in mind that it is going to be crowded throughout the year.