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5 Fun Things to Do in the City of Phuket – Enjoy the provincial charms of beautiful Thailand

Phuket is one of the most visited regions of Thailand but still retains much of its rustic provincial charm. The city has many historical sites you can visit as well as many places to hang out and have fun.


Phuket Old Town

Phuket Old Town was the heart of the historical Phuket town when tin mining was in full throttle during the end of the 20th century. The district is best known for its elegant mansions and beautifully maintained 'shophouses' which have a striking similarity to the 'shop-houses' in Georgetown, Penang. Sino-colonial architecture can be seen throughout the Old-Town and plays a large role in giving it much of its character. A peculiarity you will notice here is that Chinese shrines outnumber Buddhist temples. Also, many bars, restaurants, coffee-shops and the luxury hotels Phuket is best known for have been opened up around Old Town. If you're planning a visit check out Anantara Layan Phuket Resort – it comes highly recommended. This area is still the commercial hub of the city and is quite active both at night and during the day.


Phuket Weekend Market

This country is justly famous for its markets of all varieties. Visit Phuket weekend market the produce is fresh and the food is amazing while the people and atmosphere retain a sense of tradition and authenticity not found in everywhere; most markets now operate to cater to the throngs of tourists who flock to the country. This market is definitely the biggest shopping and dining opportunity in Phuket. The market is massive – it spreads across nearly 30,000sqm and offers everything from clothes, souvenirs, pirated goods, accessories and live animals.


Phuket Walking Street

This market is more like a fair in most senses – it happens every Sunday and the busy street it occurs on shuts down for the festivities from 4 pm till 10 pm every week. This is more than just a market and more of a cultural gathering in a certain way. It's a great place to catch a glimpse of life and customs in southern Thailand. If you're looking for unique presents to take back home, look no further you won't find a better selection of local oddities anywhere else. And needless to say, if you want to try authentic local cuisine visit the Phuket walking street for sure.


Khao Rang

Khao Rang is the second highest peak in Phuket and offers stunning views of the town and the islands lying off the south-east coast. You can even catch a glimpse of Phuket's Big Buddha from here. Wat Khao Rang is a Buddhist temple located on the hill – it was actually the first to be built in Phuket. There are also a few restaurants where you can get a bite to eat while taking in the views.


Phuket Trick-eye Museum

A new addition to the town the Trick-eye museum celebrates illusionary art in the style of Trompe-L'oeil (deceive the eye). There are over a hundred paintings in this two-storey museum that truly play games with the depth perception of the eyes it, however, does present tons of great photo opportunities.