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Django Tutorial

Install Django on your machine now and get started with Django today.

Django Tutorial for Beginners - Learn the Core Aspects of Django Framework - DataFlair

Django tutorial covers what is Django framework, why learn django, features of Django, Django architecture, companies using Django and advantages of Django.

8 Unique Features of Django that Makes it Better Framework - DataFlair

Django features tutorial covers best features and reasons that makes it a popular framework for web development and reduces hassles of developing apps.

Django Advantages and Disadvantages - Why You Should Choose Django? - DataFlair

Django advantages and disadvantages tutorial covers the core benefits of using Django with drawbacks and also check reasons to use Django in Web development

Django Architecture - 3 Major Components of MVC Pattern - DataFlair

Django architecture follows the MVC pattern which has three components; Model, View and Controller for web development which has several benefits.

How to Install Django and Set Up a Virtual Environment in 6 Steps - DataFlair

This tutorial will help you learn, how to install Django and setup a virtual environment for creating applications using Django.

How to Create & Run Your First Django Project in Easy Steps - DataFlair

Create your first Django project and test the project by running the test server in just 2 easy steps in this Django project tutorial.

Django MTV Architecture - Understanding Components & Working - DataFlair

Django MTV Architecture comprises of three components; Model, Template and View. Understand the MTV structure working and drawbacks of MVC architecture.

Django Views - 6 Simple Steps to Create View Component for Django Project - DataFlair

Django Views tutorial covers the description of View, difference between Class-based Views & Function-based Views and steps to create Django View.

Django Templates - Learn to Create Your First Template Using HTML - DataFlair

Django Templates Tutorial covers the need of templates, create Django template, syntax of Template language and inserting values in database via phpmyadmin.

Django Project Layout and Different Files Structure in Root Directory - DataFlair

Django project layout covers files structure in a Django root directory;,,, and

How to Create, Install & Deploy Your First Django App - DataFlair

Django app tutorial covers the process to create, install, add files structure and deploy the Django application in easy steps.

Django Admin Interface - Setting Up Django Admin Site in 12 Easy Steps - DataFlair

Django Admin Interface tutorial comprises the steps to create a superuser, logging in to admin site and integrating the Django project to admin interface.

Django Database - How to Connect MySQL Database with Django Project - DataFlair

Django database tutorial covers the explanation of DATABASES Dictionary and steps to connect MySQL database with our Django project.

Django URLs and URLConf - Learn to Map URL Patterns to View Function in 10 Minutes - DataFlair

Django Urls Tutorial covers the interpretation of urls by Django server, and mapping between URL patterns and view function with the help of url.conf.

Django Redirects - The Essential Guide of URL Redirects in Django - DataFlair

Django redirect tutorial covers URL redirection, URL and page redirection, usage of Redirect(), limitations of redirects and temporary & permanent redirect.

Django Cookies and Cookies Handling - How to Create Cookies in Django - DataFlair

Django cookies tutorial covers the explanation of cookies, working of cookies, the process to create cookies with Django server and deleting the cookies.

Django Caching - It's Easy if you do it in the Smart Way! - DataFlair

Django caching tutorial covers caching concept, setting up caching sytem, types of caching in Django and implementing caching on website.

Django Sessions - How to Create, Use and Delete Sessions - DataFlair

Django sessions tutorial covers drawbacks of cookies, concept of sessions, process to create and delete sessions and types of sessions engine.

How to Send Emails in Django - Elite Guidelines for Beginners - DataFlair

Learn to send Emails in Django by understanding its settings, designing subscription button, sending mass Emails, EmailMessage class and Email backends in Django.

Django Forms Handling & Django Form Validation - Master the Concept - DataFlair

With this Django forms tutorial, learn the concept of forms, GET and POST method, HTML forms, Django form handing, Django form validation and class.

Django Static Files Handling made Simple - Even your Kids can do it! - DataFlair

With Django static files tutorial, you will learn the concept of static files, project creation process and static files management in Django. Explore now!

Django CRUD Tutorial - Operations and Application Development - DataFlair

Django CRUD tutorial - Learn about CRUD operations & process to make a CRUD application using Django framework with easy steps & code examples to implement.

Django ORM Tutorial - The concept to master Django framework - DataFlair

Learn the complete concept of Django ORM thoroughly with querysets and relationships between fields and the problem solved by ORM & problem with Django ORM.

Top 5 Django Apps - Why Django is Most Popular Python Framework? - DataFlair

Check out Django apps based on Django framework, benefits it provides to web developers, reasons to learn Django framework and future of Django.

Top 8 Django Books for Freshers & Experienced Django Developers - DataFlair

Top 8 Django books for freshers as well as experienced Django developers that will help you in learning Django framework for building web applications.