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Entrepreneur & Employee

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The 10 golden rules of commercial negotiation | AMIGAMAG

How to succeed in a commercial negotiation or an interview? What are the best trade negotiation techniques? Here are ten golden rules to convince your interlocutor.

3 Trends to Boost your Commercial Activity | AMIGAMAG

How to develop your commercial activity? What are the new trends to develop your business? How to increase sales? And how to grow your business?

How to motivate a sales team? | AMIGAMAG

How to motivate your sales team? And what are the motivational levers of a sales team? So, how to become a good sales team manager?Motivation declines are common among sales teams and generally do not slow to translate into a collapse of results.

The qualities of seniorpreneur | AMIGAMAG

What is seniorpreneur? What are the characteristics of seniorpreneurs? And what are their motivations?

How to find an idea for starting a business? | AMIGAMAG

How to find an idea for starting a business? How to find a suitable project idea or a good business idea? Are the opportunities latent or to be created?

Solopreneur: How to become more productive by taking care of yourself? | AMIGAMAG

What is meant by productivity when it comes to the status of a solo entrepreneur? Why is being productive important? How to become more productive while maintaining maximum well-being when you are a solopreneur?

How to manage High Potential employees?

Since the dawn of time, the world has had individuals who have an extraordinary destiny. Who are these people at High Potential? What sets them apart from Talents? How to recognize them, attract them, motivate them so that they stay in the company?

Managerial skills

Any good manager must have a certain number of essential skills if he wishes to lead his entire team to success: active listening, availability, sense of responsibility, dynamism, benevolence, respect, leadership, e.g. What are the critical managerial skills?

How to manage talents?

Talent management is a significant issue for the company. What are the objectives of such an approach? What are the methods and tools to identify, develop, and retain talent?

All you need to know to create a souvenir shop

How to properly prepare the creation of a souvenir shop? How to make the layout of your souvenir shop? Do you have to be online? Tourism sector is experiencing favorable and steady growth. Creating a souvenir shop for foreign or national tourists is, therefore, an idea with great potential, but which requires a proper preparation.

Turn your craft hobby into a successful business

You are passionate about crafts, and you like to create things in your spare time. In this case, you can go even further and turn this simple hobby into a real business. Yes, you can live on your passion. However, starting a business requires specific essential steps.

How to start from scratch?

How to start a business from scratch? Do you want to start from the ground up?Starting from scratch can mean starting a business; without money, without knowledge of the sector, without entrepreneurial experience or without a professional network.

Everything you need to know to become an independent stylist

How to become a freelance stylist? What skills do you need to become a freelance stylist? How to get started?Styling is a discipline that contributes to the creation and consolidation of brand identity in the textile sector. The stylist, independent or salaried, is the prime contractor for each textile collection. Its role is to compose the trend in terms of shapes, materials, nuances ...

All you need to know to become a freelance web writer

How to become a freelance web writer? What are the missions of a freelance web writer? How to find clients?With the advent of digital, web writing has become ubiquitous. Behind the words referencingSEO, algorithms, semantics, and other terms related to this profession hide know-how that is acquired and a passion for writing.

All you need to know for becoming an independent distributor of a product or brand

How to become a distributor of a product or a brand? What legal status as an independent distributor? What steps and what advice to succeed in this type of activity?

8 Steps to create a food-truck

How to create a food-truck? Where to start? What are the critical success factors for a food truck?Creating a food truck is a dream for many entrepreneurs in the food sector. Whether it's a pizza truck, a chip shop, a sandwich shop, or a traveling kebab, creating a food-truck means gaining independence. It means having the freedom to be able to practice wherever you want, depending on demand and the seasons.

Everything you need to know about opening a cosmetic store

How to open a cosmetic shop, a perfumery, or a store of Afro or organic beauty products? What are the things to know to succeed? AMIGAMAG gives you its best advice.

10 essential entrepreneurial skills

What are the primary entrepreneurial skills? What are the skills that any entrepreneur should master? What skills are required to create and develop a business?

How to Create a WOFE / WFOE in China - Complete Guide

What is a WOFE/WFOE? How to create a WOFE to set up in China? What are the advantages and disadvantages of WOFE?

15 classic mistakes of entrepreneurs

What are the mistakes of entrepreneurs or start-ups? What are the pitfalls to avoid? Here is a list of common mistakes and pitfalls among creators and business owners:

4 Keys to Becoming a Creative Entrepreneur

Are we born creative? Can we get creative? How to work your creativity? And how do you become a creative entrepreneur? Is creativity reserved for artists?

Is failure an asset for entrepreneurial success?

What meaning to give to entrepreneurial failure? How to rebound after a disappointment in your business plan?

How to measure the professional skills of your employees? | AMIGAMAG

Management has now understood the importance of human resources. The assessment of skills, therefore, naturally took off, in particular, to allow everyone to progress in their career.

How to create a skills benchmark? | AMIGAMAG

A management tool for human resources, Skills benchmark, is useful for many purposes. What are they? How to create such a tool? What is the skills benchmark?It is the inventory of all skills to hold to exercise a trade or hold a position (or a job). They are qualified as 'technical' or else 'general' (also called with some variants: personal, relational, or behavioral).

Understand the psychology of choice to improve your sales performance | AMIGAMAG

Having too many choices often leads to overwhelming and inaction, which is called choice paralysis. So, as business owners, how can we take advantage of this psychology to our advantage?