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Updated by Joanna James on Jan 24, 2020
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7 Awesome Things to do in Mauritius - A very fulfilling vacation!

Mauritius has been rightly termed heaven on earth. And this is the reason why a lot of people make their way towards this African island. Here is a list of the top things to explore in Mauritius!



The waters of Mauritius have a stunning collection of marine life. And how best to explore them? Well, by snorkelling of course! You must snorkel at the Blue Bay Marine Park where you can admire all these sea creatures that hide under these waters. This section alone can make your trip a complete success. Besides, if you're looking for Blue Bay Mauritius hotels that offer snorkelling, you can check out properties like Anantara Iko Mauritius Resort, for a start.


Scuba diving

Another adventurous way to explore the underwater marine life will be to go scuba-diving. Does that scare you? Haven't you ever tried it before? Well, worry no more! There are many certified diving schools around, that can help you out. They will get you well equipped with all the key skills that you require for the first time. Try diving during the summer months between March and April for a fabulous time in these waters.


Sea Kayaking

Your adventure doesn't stop yet. So, what's next on the list? Well, Mauritius has quite a treat for you. This holiday you can go sea kayaking at the Albion caves. You can explore these caves and discover all the hidden treasures! You will absolutely love it.


Walking with lions

This one is definitely going to get you excited. Well, when in an African island, what can be more exciting than going on a walk with lions? If this is something that excites you, then head over to the Cásela Park!! These are experiences people usually dream of but here in Mauritius, it is a reality!



How about seeing Mauritius from a different vantage point? And aerial one, perhaps? This holiday, you can witness the Mauritius archipelago from up above via a parasailing expedition. You will feel free and independent and love the spectacular views.


Exploring tea plantations

Another awesome thing that you can witness here in Mauritius is taking strolls along the tea plantations. The lush green is quite a sight and it's cooling to the eyes. The colour green has such an effect. Even recent studies show that if you are surrounded by green spaces, your mind tends to instantly relax. What can be more green than rolling hills of tea plantations? You can stop here for breakfast, enjoy some coffee or tea and watch the scenic views.


Street food

Want to try some good old authentic food when in Africa? Well then, head over to the street food stalls. This is one of the most authentic ways you can taste the local flavours. Just make sure, not to buy from dingy-looking vendors. Those are the ones you must avoid otherwise, street food is completely safe