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Headline for Marine animals that call the Maldives home – fascinating creatures
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Marine animals that call the Maldives home – fascinating creatures

Regardless of where you might be heading to in the Maldives, your time here in these idyllic and vibrant isles are sure to be made up of constant encounters with marine life.


Sea turtles

The local authorities have made a conscious effort to keep the breeding grounds and habitats of sea turtles free of pollution and other threats. If you are holidaying in the Maldives during June to November then you will have the fortune of witnessing leatherback, hawksbill and the green turtle species lay its eggs and thereafter, catching a glimpse of the hatchlings scurrying off in the direction of the ocean and to its safety.


Reef fish

A quick dive or snorkelling trip will have you surrounded by an array of reef fish that number in excess of 2000 species in the Maldives. Tuna, angelfish, parrotfish and clownfish are amongst the common sightings whilst one must exercise some degree of caution if found exploring the habitats of surgeonfish, spotted tornado or giant triggerfish which are known to be aggressive.



Divided into manta, eagle and sting, the species of rays that inhabit these waters come across as quite the easygoing and laidback of marine mammal that you will ever discover. Known more for its effortless gliding than swimming, manta rays can be conveniently spotted amongst corals during the southwest monsoonal period at Manta Ray Point. If in the company of a stingray, be sure to maintain a minimum distance of 8 feet to avoid being whipped by its poisonous tail. Conservation as a whole plays an invaluable part of sustaining these species for the betterment of future generations and this is why guests staying at an eco-resort Maldives has to offer in the likes of Reethi Faru Resort will have a great opportunity to contribute towards this worthy cause.


Dolphins and whales

If you imagined that chartering a boat or going on a sunset cruise will be more or less a leisurely cruise, then think again. For the Maldives presents thrill-seekers a chance to venture deeper into the Indian Ocean where spinner dolphins, spotted dolphins and Fraser's dolphins and their playful behaviour will be on show. However, the highlight of any cruise in these parts would be to stumble upon the breeding grounds of a blue whale, pilot whale or dense-beaked whale.



When describing the varying species that fall within the bracket of arthropods that live in the Maldivian waters, one can begin with fiddler crabs, hermit crabs, ghost crabs, 4 species of lobsters, octopuses, squid and the biggest clams that you will ever have the fortune of seeing. Were prawns and shrimp mentioned? The latter two variants are in fact a delicacy here but can be easily spotted when one decides to don one's gear and delve into the depths of these paradisiacal settings.



Perhaps to the delight of many travellers, the Maldivian seas are well known for its species of sharks. While black tip and white tip reef sharks are commonly discovered on many a dive and are regarded as not being ferocious, the Baa Atoll is one area that must be considered. Herein, gatherings of whale sharks will afford nature travellers a wonderful way of getting to know the intricate details of what Maldivian marine life represents.

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