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05 Things Singapore Is Famous For – Small Country Big Experiences

Singapore despite its size is famous the world over as the quintessential holiday destination. There are some very unique aspects to the nation which has earned it many awards and praise as a top tourist destination. Here are 05 things Singapore is famous for.


Singapore Is Squeaky Clean

If you have already visited the nation you know, Singapore is a super clean city. The streets are tipped to be some of the cleanest in the world and are well maintained as such, by the over 50,000 strong workforces engaged in keeping the city spotless. The place is kept clean too due to the strict laws which prohibit littering, public urination, spitting and vandalism; the penalties are heavy with offenders either having to pay a hefty fine or work clearing street litter while wearing a glaring orange vest under the Corrective Work Order act. As such with these fine policies in place you know you will come across some fine deals when looking for best value hotels in Singapore, especially amongst the well-located hotels like Destination Singapore Beach Road.


Singapore Is A Green City

Contrary to its small size and modern urbanization with sky-scrapers lining every street, Singapore has managed to retain its stance as a green city. Immense efforts are made to add loads of greenery amidst the concrete jungles with any space being seen as potential for some greenery. Hence, you will discover little nooks and oases amongst the bustle of the city where you can go sit on a park bench, chill and getaway from all the chaos of the busy city.


Chewing Gum Is A Big No!

All those rumours about Singapore banning gum are quite true! The law was introduced in 1992 banning the chewing of gum due to its disruptive influence on the newly introduced subway system, hence chewing gum and sticking it in public places will incur heavy fines. Rules are much relaxed today and you are allowed to bring gum in to the country for your use, although no vendors in Singapore sell the stuff. You can only buy gum from a pharmacy provided you have a prescription for dental or nicotine gum.


The Beautiful Marina Bay Area

The reclaimed bit of land is today a magical oasis with the Marina Bay area being a top place to explore. Walk around and discover some of the city's most iconic attractions such as the Merlion, Esplanade, Helix Bridge and other marvels creations of modern architecture.


The Corporal Punishment And Fines Are Heavy

Singapore is a 'fine city' governed by strict laws; break any and you will face not only hefty fines but some serious jail time. You can break the law by smoking in a non-smoking zone, eating on the subway and even jay walking. Drug trafficking, vandalism and robbery are considered major crimes with heavy jail sentences.


Its Summer All Year

The ideal holiday destination is also a land of eternal sunshine. Temperatures range across 28C to 34C degrees and can at times be hot and humid, but then you've got all those ritzy air-conditioned malls to pop into, enjoy a bout of shopping and dining with plenty of ice cream to cool down. Oh but do take along an umbrella for Singapore is famous for sudden shorts showers which add a fresh glow to the entire landscape.

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