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Emotional Intelligence

A list focused on how leaders and managers can improve their social skills.


3 Ways Meditation Can Make You a Better Leader

Running a business can be an emotional roller coaster ride, and it's easy to get caught up in worries about the future or frustrations with the past. Meditation helps to center you in the present moment, making the trials of entrepreneurship more manageable and the lifestyle more sustainable.

The Ripple Effects You Create as a Manager

Each one of us holds a set of beliefs and attitudes - a mindset - that determines how we interpret and respond to situations. That mindset shapes how we interact with others, and therefore it also affects the people we work with - in ways both subtle and profound.

3 Steps to Calm Down Quickly

When you feel your stress levels rising, fight back and relax your mind with this simple method. colormeblu/Flickr Tweet Being a business owner is stressful. You can fight worry and anxiety over the long-term with smart interventions and healthy habits, but what if your problem isn't stress in general, but stress right now?

Few Executives Are Self-Aware, But Women Have the Edge

So is the best man for the job a woman? Research by Hay Group, culled from its 17,000-person behavioral competency database in 2012, finds that when it comes to empathy, influence, and the ability to manage conflicts in the executive level, women show more skill than men.

Creating the Genuine Connections We Long For : zenhabits

We all long for genuine human connections, and even in a busy life with lots of people around us, these genuine connections can be hard to find. We socialize online, but that's not very genuine (why I quit Facebook). We work with people, but often that's task-oriented and not human connection-oriented.

What to Do When You've Made Someone Angry

I was running late. My wife Eleanor and I had agreed to meet at the restaurant at seven o'clock and it was already half past. I had a good excuse in the form of a client meeting that ran over and I wasted no time getting to the dinner as fast as possible.

How to Improve Employee-Boss Relationships

Everyone talks about employee engagement and emotional intelligence, but if you want a high-performance organization, you've got to walk the talk.

Foster a Culture of Gratitude

In the movie Remember the Titans, Coach Herman Boone takes his high school football team to the battleground of Gettysburg. Having inherited a fractured and divided squad, Coach Boone implores the players to "take a lesson from the dead. If we don't come together, right now on this hallowed ground, we too will be destroyed, just like they were."

A Guide to Practical Compassion : zenhabits

If I've found two guiding principles in my life, they are contentment and compassion. With these two ideas, life becomes better. Contentment makes every moment better. And compassion makes your connection with others better. What Compassion Is, & Some Difficulties Let's talk about compassion for a few minutes, because as important as it is, very few people talk about how to actually do it.

How to Be Confident, Even When You're Not

Everyone has insecurities when doing something new. Here are three ways to build strength and be self-confident. shutterstock images Tweet New challenges and opportunities can be exciting, but they can also test your self-esteem.

Great Leaders Use Honesty to Help Their Successors

Jack Ma, the founder and long-time CEO of Chinese web company, Alibaba, recently announced that he is stepping down as CEO, and now we have learned that Jonathan Lu Zhaoxi will become chief executive of the company in May. Alibaba is an incredible success story.

Expanding the Envelope: A Method for Beating Anger : zenhabits

Here's what I've been learning about anger in the last few years: it's purely because of selfishness. Almost every time we get angry, it's because something isn't going our way. I've been practicing a method for beating this selfish anger, and I call it Expanding the Envelope of Compassion.

Great Leaders Have Emotional Intelligence [VIDEO]

Inc. Live: John Mackey, CEO and founder of Whole Foods, talks about why self-awareness matters in business.

The Stuff Strong Relationships Are Made Of

Recently I wrote about the power of gratitude. But, as a number of readers pointed out, I only told half the story. When you express your gratitude, in a sincere and heartfelt way, you make a powerful and lasting impact on the person you thank.

How to Give a Meaningful "Thank You"

Forget the empty platitudes; your star employee is not a "godsend." They are a person deserving of your not infrequent acknowledgment and worthy of appreciation and respect. When was the last time you thanked them - really thanked them?