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Inspiring Others

A list focused on ways leaders and managers can inspire others.

Dan Ariely's revised model of labor | Daniel Pink

Below is a fantastic TED Talk from Dan Ariely on why people work hard, when they're willing to make extreme efforts, and how easy it is to crush their motivation. Among the insights and provocations: "Ignoring the performance of people is almost as bad as shredding their effort in front of their eyes."

The Secret to Effective Motivation

An interview with Heidi Grant Halvorson and E. Tory Higgins, authors of Focus: Use Different Ways of Seeing the World to Power Success and Influence . For more, see the article Do You Play to Win--or to Not Lose?

Trying to Motivate Your Employees? Forget It.

There's only one way anyone gets motivated. And it's not a big speech to rally the troops.

Getting Crazy Ideas Off the Ground

How you manage the period between when an insight is first generated and when a concept is judged ready for development is the key to getting discontinuous innovation off the ground. These are ideas that don't fit the existing capabilities or the incumbent business model, don't have an obvious business case, and carry a high risk.

The 3 Leadership Behaviors That Make Your Employees Feel Fulfilled

Engaged workplace. Positive, employee-friendly culture. Individualized reward system. You've heard all of these catch-phrases before when it comes to finding out how to make your employees truly feel inspired at work. But what does it all mean? That's what Beth Thomas tries to figure out every day -- and the answer varies for each company.

10 Things Really Amazing Employees Do

As a longtime employer of dozens, I was always grateful to have good employees. It takes a lot to recruit and maintain top talent. Every once in a while special employees come along that just really seem to get it. They drive the entire company forward in ways that were unimaginable.

Ready to Innovate? Get a Lawyer.

As disruptive innovations enter the market with faster velocity and increased firepower, entrepreneurs are finding themselves dealing sooner and more intimately with the law. Sometimes, the innovation is just too new, creeping out consumers and lawmakers who hurriedly work to ban it.

Mary Robinson on Influence Without Authority

An interview with Mary Robinson, former President of Ireland. For more, read the Life's Work section in the March issue of HBR . TRANSCRIPT ALISON BEARD: Welcome to the HBR IdeaCast from Harvard Business Review. I'm Alison Beard. I'm here today with Mary Robinson, the first female president of Ireland and a former UN human rights commissioner.

Be mindful, meaningful, and masterly: 3 questions for Bruce Nussbaum | Daniel Pink

First we had IQ. Next came EQ. Now, Bruce Nussbaum introduces CQ - Creative Intelligence. In his new book Creative Intelligence: Harnessing the Power to Create, Connect, and Inspire ( Amazon, BN, or IndieBound), Nussbaum, a former assistant managing editor of Businessweek and a current Professor of Innovation and Design at Parsons-The New School of Design, makes a spirited case for moving creativity to the center of our lives and our companies.

How to Find and Amplify Creativity

In 2010, IBM ran a survey of 1,500 CEOs and found that the most valuable management skill was no longer "operations" or "marketing" but "creativity." Since then BCG, Accenture and other consultancies have confirmed the global skill shift.

Feeling Stumped? Innovation Software Can Help

Imagine a team at a ski company that's faced with a big problem: When skiers make sharp turns at high speeds, the edges of their skis lift from the snow, causing the skiers to sometimes lose control. The team needed to lessen the vibrations of its skis. But how?

Get Motivated, Stay Motivated: 3 Tools

Everyone wants to achieve greatness, but we're all motivated by different things. Sure, money is an obvious inspiration. But you may be driven by ego, personal satisfaction or pride, like Howard Schultz. He grew up in a poor family in the Bronx, earned an athletic scholarship, and eventually founded Starbucks.