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Updated by ON LIFT on Mar 24, 2023
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Pneumatic trailer system is the market leader for Pneumatic Landing Gear automation. The Rear Stabilizer Automation is a revolutionary innovation for tractor trailers. Increase your productivity and generate return of investment easily with the best quality lifting gear. Visit the website today or simply dial 207-703-8433 for any immediate queries.



To ensure senior truck drivers safety improvement, we create the most effective and reliable patented automatic air powered on-lift model 2000 landing gear automation for the trucks running these days. The best part is these are capable of lifting 60,000 lb trailers. We make sure to offer the best and highest functionality for tractor trailers in just 10 seconds. The air power comes from the Emergency brake system so that there is no more requirement of auxiliary power.


When it comes to senior truck driver reduce workers compensation, the on-load trailer rear stabilization automation will offer two-speed single or dual leg operation. There are different configurations of landing gear automation operations available depending on the customer request for lifting, stabilization and speed of deployment. The on-load will be applied for single speed and single leg air powered unit with 60,000 lbs. static weight capability.

Trailer productivity improvement – the benefits of choosing the professionals

The most significant trailer productivity improvements are, the potential revenue will increase due to the automated process of raising and lowering the landing gear.

PATRIOT LIFT CO LLC - the global leaders in premium landing gear manufacturing

On-lift air-powered landing gear automation system can reduce the workload anytime. The landing gear automation system improves your productivity. It is capable of raising and lowering the fully loaded trailers in less than 10-seconds

Women truck driver retention – Exploring the benefits of women driver recruitment and retention

With the motto of women truck driver retention in mind, the onlift automated landing gears ensure a safe working environment for employees. It also supports EEO hiring because the operation can be performed regardless of age, sex, race or physical handicap.

Driver Hiring and Retention Improvement with Powered Landing Gear

Know the benefits of using air-powered landing gear. Also, know why Patriot Lift deserves your attention.

PATRIOT LIFT CO LLC Offers On-Lift Air Powered Landing Gears for the Trucking Industry

On-Lift air powered landing gear automation 2000 and 2000HD offers by PATRIOT LIFT CO LLC improves productivity, eliminates injuries and reduces workers compensation costs.


Are you interested in adopting new trailer technology for improving operational productivity, decreasing incidence of driver injuries and retain the drivers? If you said “Yes” then invest in automated air-powered ON-Lift Model 2000HD Landing Gear Automation available at OSHA also has embraced this technology that can trigger down ergonomic injuries in drivers due to manual crane operation to as low as 0%. To know more about this advanced technology, write at

Choosing the Landing gear automation for SAF HOLLAND LANDING GEAR

Invest in Patriot Lift landing gear automation for SAF HOLLAND LANDING GEAR to help your drivers raise and lower the landing gear of a fully-loaded trailer within 10 seconds. Automation helps in minimizing injuries, landing gear damages and workers compensation premiums. Users will benefit from retaining existing drivers and increased operation productivity. ON-Lift Model 2000 Landing Gear Automation easy to install and maintain. Click on for detailed information.


Patriot Lift CO LLC has got a wide range of products namely ON-Lift Model 2000HD Landing gear automation. Our trailer safety improvement product includes universal mounting bracket kit with on-demand ad hoc repairs and customized solutions for design, development, support and manufacturing. Thus, you will have the complete support and help from our staff at all times. We will provide optimal care for the total landing gear support cycle. Being world leaders, we have developed proprietary alternative repair methods that offer flexible spares. For more details get in touch with or call us at 207-703-8433.

Improve your trailer safety with new trailer technology from Patriot Pneumatic Lift Systems

Patriot Pneumatic Lift Systems offers new trailer technology to redesign the trailer safety improvement with automated on-lift and on-load gears for your trailers.

Extremely Durable Automated Pneumatic Trailer System from Patriot Lift

Our patented pneumatic trailer system run by air power derived from Emergency Brake System at ensures higher productivity and reduced accidents at work. Your drivers do not need suffering from ergonomic injuries by manually operating landing gears any more.

Adopt Air-operated Landing Gear Automation to Improve Driver Retention

Serious muscular skeletal injuries due to manually operating the craning tasks compel several truck drivers leave their jobs. Improve driver retention by making investments on automated air-powered Patriot Lift landing gear and rear stabilizer.


Patriot Lift Company assures the TRUCK DRIVER SAFETY enhancement by introducing the On-Lift landing gear automation that delivers a patented and optimally effective technology. This automaton virtually removes muscular skeletal strains and abrasions that are caused by repetitive manual cranking tasks up to 100 ft/lbs. Moreover, this On-Lift gear considerably reduces the equipment damage, whereby the landing gear defacements are practically eliminated, and the fifth wheel damage is significantly reduced.

With the advancement in smart trailer automation, the all-around safety of trailers and their truckers has been significantly improved in the last few years. One such cutting-edge trailer technology is the OSHA-authorized On-Lift air-powered landing mechanism from Patriot Lift Company that helps in enhancing the overall safety of the trucks through innovative automation.

Find the best 3 advantages to choose for the powered dolly leg

Find enhanced trailer safety with higher mobility by installing the On-Lift pneumatic powered dolly legs from Patriot Lift Company to mitigate the ergonomic abrasions.

On-lift for truck driver hiring & retention: Explained

The landing gear air automation system significantly improves the ability to hire professional truck drivers of all ages and physical handicaps. It also helps to retain existing drivers. In today’s world, the truck driving industry comes under a very emerging field and the requirements for capable, motivated, and highly experienced drivers are extremely important.

Adopt Air-operated Landing Gear Automation to Improve Driver Retention

If you wish to improve driver retention » in your trucking business then investing on automated landing gear is inevitable. O

driver hiring and retention improvement

Since its establishment, Patriot Lift CO LLC has been working on landing gear automation technology to assure driver hiring and retention improvement.

Trailer parking efficiency – offering high precision parking assistance

High-precision trailer assistance for
transportation and logistics is imperative for multiple organizations because
they allow a significant increase in the freight tonnage per journey. Thus,
transportation costs are reduced.

Ensure Productivity, Safety and ROI with Automated Trailer Lift System, York Beach

Manually rising and lowering trailer landing gear increases the potential for shoulder, back and other bodily injuries, even when a person performs the repetitive motion regularly. Keeping in...

Ensure a safe workplace with the trailer safety improvement

Trailer Safety Improvement Manual gear operations increase the chances of injury amongdrivers. With the automated landing gear operations you will be able to lowerand raise the landing gear in less than 10 seconds.

On-lift Landing Gear Automation Improves Productivity & Save 20% Space, York

Truck transportation is one of the most flexible modes for freight shipment in the United States. It provides door-to-door service to every city. But while doing such a heavy job workers sometimes...

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