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8 Reasons why Seychelles should be on everyone’s bucket list – Indulgent aspects of Seychelles

Seychelles is one of those destinations everyone dreams of visiting one day. Its forest-clad mountains, beaches and turquoise waters attract tourists, including celebrities.


Pink Sand Beach in La Digue

Seychelles is home to some of the most picturesque beaches in the world. One found on the list of beaches is Anse Source D'Argent located on La Digue Island. The beach is considered to be one of the most photographic spots in the country. Its pink sand is the highlight of the place. The amazing granite boulders and azure waters of the ocean create the perfect backdrop for pictures.



The natural beauty of Aldabra is untouched by humans and remains to be one of the scenic coral atolls in the world; the UNESCO site is also the second-largest coral atoll, and home to Giant Tortoises. Tourists are required to have a permit to visit the atoll. The second UNESCO site is Vallee de Mai found on Praslin Island, and it can be accessed by ferry. Because of its mystical ambience, many believe Vallee de Mai to be the Garden of Eden.


The Rare Black Parrot

The Black Parrot is the national bird of Seychelles, and the species can only be sighted at Vallee de Mai Nature Reserve and Praslin National Park. The number of these birds is limited to 200, so you might have to do a bit of legwork before you can see one. Their high-pitched whistle is their signature characteristic.


Scuba diving

Being one of the best places on earth for scuba diving, Seychelles has many Seychelles resorts that proudly advertise the activity. Beautiful coral reefs, wrecks, canyons and drop-offs detail the topography of the country. The ocean teeming with marine life is the best allure for a scuba diver. In Seychelles, scuba diving can be enjoyed all year round, and there are sites suited to both beginners and experienced scuba divers. Apart from scuba diving, you can also enjoy a range of other water sports.


The smallest capital city

The capital of Seychelles, Mahe, happens to be the smallest capital city in the world. The city is dense with people, but it doesn't tamper with its natural beauty. You find 70 amazing beaches, many restaurants and the likes of Avani Barbarons Seychelles Resort in the capital. The Morne Seychelles National Park is an example of the city's preserved beauty. Mahe also has a lively shopping scene going on.


Takamaka Bay Distillery Tour

A must-do activity in Seychelles is visiting Takamaka Bay Distillery. Visitors can learn a lot about the making of rum. The plantation is 250 years old, and it does give visitors leave to closely inspect the fermentation and distillation process. At the distillery, you'll also come to know the five varieties of local rum.


The 6th best beach

A tour to Seychelles must include a visit to the 6th best beach in the world. The travel websites hold this beach in the highest estimation and rightly so. The postcard-perfect beach defines the unperturbed beauty of nature. The watersport enthusiasts have high praise for the beach on account of its rich marine life. With any luck, you might also be able to see turtles feeding at the beach.


The cuisine

A country's cuisine is an undeniable aspect of tourism, and Seychelles isn't exempted from that theory. Seychelles is home to many restaurants, hotels and cafes that offer visitors a variety of choices. You can enjoy both the local cuisine and international cuisines. The local cuisine spoils tourists with lamb stews, fish curries and savoury rice dishes.