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Flo Control

Committed to provide exceptional service delivering energy efficient building heating and cooling hydronic solutions, FloControl incorporates the most innovative products for all applications. Develops bespoke solutions based on our extensive and up-to-date application know-how and supports the industry with system design, value engineering, solution approval, installation and commissioning method development and training with full after sales service.

Double Check Valve

Committed to provide exceptional service delivering energy efficient building heating and cooling hydronic solutions, FloControl incorporates the most innovative products for all applications.

Thermal Balancing Valve

Flocontrol's Thermal Balancing Valves are the best automatic temperature control valves used in circulating hot water systems to ensure a balanced water temperature throughout the system. Contact us now!

PN25 Butterfly Valves

FloControl is a leading supplier of PN16 and PN25 Butterfly Valves for hot and cold water applications. The Butterfly Valve is available with a lever or gear-operator, fully lugged with stainless steel disc and stem, bonded EPDM liner seat design, suitable for End of Line Service at full pressure rating.

Automatic Balancing Valves

FloControl offers exclusively in the UK the widest range of FLowCon Automatic Balancing Valves, also known as Constant Flow Valves, specifically designed and manufactured for the automatic balancing and constant flow control of Heating & Cooling systems, irrespective of fluctuating system pressure conditions.



FloControl offers exclusively the wide range of threaded and flanged FlowCon[ DPCV
(http://** in the UK, including Partner Valves, to provide a constant differential pressure across branches.

PICV Valve - Pressure Independent Control Valve

FloControl is the exclusive distributor of the innovative FlowCon Pressure Independent Control Valve, also known as PIC Valve (PICV Valve). FlowCon International invented the PICV and is the world’s largest specialised manufacturer of dynamic balancing and pressure independent control valves for the HVAC segment.

Fixed Orifice Double Regulating Valve (FODRV)

FloControl offers a full range of balancing valves sometimes known as Fixed Orifice Double Regulating Valves (FODRV), threaded and flanged from 1/2” – 600mm diameter.

Variable Orifice Double Regulating Valves

FloControl offers the most comprehensive range of Double Regulating Valves, also known as Variable Orifice Double Regulating Valve or DRV Valve, to introduce a pre-set system resistance whilst offering the opportunity to isolate and return to the pre-set position.

Metering Station

A full range of threaded Metering Stations for flow rates from 0.0075 l/s to 3.5100 l/s. The threaded Metering Station is designed to BS7350. Orifice plates up to 600mm diameter.

Non Return Valve

FloControl is the leading supplier of threaded, wafer and flanged Non-Return Valves, rated PN16 and PN25, for heating and cooling systems, to prevent back flow.

FCU PICV Valve Set

For the past 10 years FloControl have supplied the most compact pre-assembled PICV Valve Set to mount directly onto FCUs from any manufacturer.

FCU Valve Set

For over 10 years FloControl have supplied a full range of pre-assembled valve sets to mount directly onto FCUs from any manufacturer, including PICVs, 4-Ports and Commissioning Valves, fully compliant with BRSRIA BG29. From standard to highly customised on the shortest lead times in the markets.

Why should you use a Pressure Independent Control Valve?

According to FlowCon International in Denmark a leading global PICV Valve manufacturer, the U.S. Energy Information Administration published in 2017 that 76% of the world’s energy is consumed in buildings, 20% of the world’s electricity is used to pump fluids around and that high-performance HVAC systems account for over 40% of the energy used in commercial buildings.

The relevance of traditional Commissioning Set Valves in Building Services – flocontrol

HVAC installations have to be balanced to ensure the correct flow to all parts of the system and ultimately resulting in occupant comfort and energy/cost efficiency. While in this day and age Pressure Independent Control Valves and Pressure Dependent ΔT Valves have largely replaced traditional Commissioning Set Valves, Differential Pressure Control Valves and Actuated Control…

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