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Things to Remember When Buying an Apartment- Make an informed decision

To those who wish to invest in properties, apartments are the more popular and safer choice as opposed to stand-alone houses. Either way, the experience can be daunting. Here are some survival tips.


The location

This is an important feature to remind yourself. Is the apartment located somewhere closer to the facilities you may need? Are there educational institutes and hospitals that might make travelling challenging during peak times? Is the surrounding environment safe? With climate changes being more obvious, you want an apartment that is not susceptible to pollution. Strike a balance between the location being the central location and still not have any polluted smokes! TRI-ZEN which includes smart apartments, for instance, is located centrally with many conveniences surrounding the complex.



This is a major concern, Afterall, one of the main reasons you've opted for an apartment is because you have a sense of safety. Ensure the CCTV cameras are always working. Ensure the guard is recording these. Question the strength of security and measures taken to maximize it- are there burglar alarms? Is it possible for a stranger to simply walk0in or is there is a stricter entrance policy? Are there fire extinguishers and emergency exits? These are some of the few things that play a vital role in the house and therefore, need special attention.


The Maintenance charges

Buying an apartment isn't a one-day process. You will have to continuously keep providing for its continued maintenance. Depending on the type and frequency of maintenance needed, the prices may vary. Thus, ensure all these values are fixed. A few categories that go into the maintenance charges are the water charges, elevator charges and so on. Knowing this will help you plan your financials much better.


Parking slots

Are there enough parking slots? Ensure that vehicles parked in the parking zone! Does this involve an additional payment? IF so, how much and is it worth it?


Verify the rents

Before settling on one, always make sure to check out some properties around the proximity/ This gives you an idea of what the average selling rate is and helps you find a weight that is more comfortable for you. There are many new apartments in Colombo that are on a constant rise due to their popularity and high demand.


Pets allowed?

Most apartments have a no pet policy. For those who have love cats and would like to run around, they may do so. Some apartments have play areas for the pets (miscellaneous short and long cases) and are therefore more accommodating towards the furry friends. Look for a pet play area or take it on walks as it pleases you!



Most apartments are built with basic facilities like the swimming pool and an open gym. Some even have a branch of the super-market nearby or even at the premises. Is the apartment on par with the expectations or has it been stained? Look into this a little closer and make a well-informed decision.