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List of things to do when you walk around Hollywood Road Hong Kong – Artistic talent of Hong Kong at its best

You see the unmistakable presence of artistry around Hollywood Road. The area is crowded with a heady mix of art galleries, antique stores, nightclubs, restaurants and places to hangout.


Street food

Hong Kong is better known for fine dining and places like Travelodge Central Hollywood, Hong Kong. However, roadside vendors selling various street food items are a ubiquitous sight too. The prices are incredibly low, and there's great variety as well. Hollywood Road is famous for the alfresco dining set up where visitors can sit outside and take in the action-packed area while enjoying street food. Among the food items available to you are various noodle dishes, beef balls and clams.


Enjoy a dim sum lunch

Many people travel to Hong Kong in the hopes of eating the best dim sums, and they are never disappointed. The Hong Kong classic is in its best form at restaurants found around Hollywood Road. Usually enjoyed for breakfast or lunch, dim sums are an essential part of the local culinary experience.


Cat Street Market

The origin of the name is unknown, but the popular imagination dictates that it refers to pirates, peddlers and cat burglars. The market is packed with little shops selling antiques and various works of art. This is more like a flea market, but the difference is Cat Street Market sells reproductions rather than used items. There's a wide range of things you can buy, and the prices are quite low, if you feel that the prices are set too high, you can always haggle for the best price.


The art scene

Hollywood Road is famous for having the best repertoire of artwork. Many art galleries line the street, and there are special events that promote art; events like Art Basel and Art Week entertain those who love admiring art.



PMQ is a space filled with boutique stores; every shop is owned by different individuals. Shopping at PMQ is an excellent diversion from all the luxury shopping Hong Kong is famous for. At PMQ, you can buy arts and crafts, all of which are priced reasonably. Tourists can also buy clothing items, and there are cafes and restaurants where you can find something delicious to eat. Even if you don't feel like shopping, you can always go to PMQ to hang out with friends.


Man Mo Temple

The temple is one of a kind and therefore has become quite the iconic tourist attraction. Man Mo Temple was built in 1847, and it has three separate areas. Its brilliant architecture is what attracts people to the site. The temple transforms itself into an action-filled beehive during festivals. Those staying at a Sheung Wan hotel can travel down to the temple in no time.


Stone Slabs Pottinger Street

Presumably, you travel to Hollywood Road via MTR, and if you do, you can get off the train and exit the station through D1 and D2. You can then walk up Queen's Road Central until you encounter Pottinger Street. The intersection between Hollywood Road and Pottinger Street is where you see the stone slab street, which is a famous tourist attraction; it is a pedestrian avenue paved with granite blocks. The road is designed that way to prevent people from slipping, and it is also able to direct rainwater to the sides effectively.


Street murals

Among the painted walls, Alex Croft's Graham Street stands to be the most popular among tourists. The street is usually crowded with people admiring the artwork; if the commotion is too much for you, you have the entire stretch of Hollywood Road available to you; almost every street found there is flanked with painted walls.