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Best places you want to visit in Georgetown – Attractions of Penang that warrant a visit

The capital of the Malaysian state Penang, George Town was named a UNESCO Heritage Site in 2008. The coming together of history and local artistic talent is what defines this vibrant Malaysian tract.


Little India

In Malaysia, there's a huge Indian community, and thanks to them, there's no lack of mouth-watering Indian food in George Town. Little India is a market place which sells a range of Indian food, and visitors love what they are offered. If you are up for it, while in George Town, you can have all three meals of your day supplied with Indian food. While touring this part of Penang, make sure you spare a bit of time for a taste of India.


Entopia by Penang Butterfly Farm

This is a must-visit, especially if you've got kids. The farm is home to about 15,000 butterflies who happen to be flying around all the time and 200 exotic plant species. You also get to learn about the butterflies; you will learn about how they transform themselves into butterflies from being caterpillars. It costs USD $ 15 for an adult to visit the farm, and for children, it's about USD $ 11.


Pinang Peranakan Mansion

The place is also known by the sobriquet 'Green Mansion'. The former residence of the Chinese merchant Kapitan Chung Keng Kwee, the mansion now displays a collection of valued objects belonging to him. The mansion is all about luxurious living; its former owner's wealth is demonstrated by exquisitely carved wood panels, Scottish ironworks and Italian floor tiles. A visit to this mansion will tell you what wealthy living must have been like in the early 20th century.


Penang Road Market

This market is the cause of monstrous traffic you have to suffer on Penang Road on Sunday mornings; the place is more energetic than a buzzing beehive. People bargaining over fresh poultry, clothes and household items, and the vendors with chockful of merchandise paint a perfect picture of Penang Road Market. Even if you don't have the gusto to make a good bargain with experienced vendors, a visit is a must if you want to get a feel of the local life. You'll make an easy trip to the market if you are staying at a Penang hotel Georgetown, possibly the likes of Travelodge Georgetown, Penang.


Clan Jetty

Clan Jetty refers to water villages inhabited by seven Chinese clans: Chew, the Lim, Lee, Yeoh, Tan, Koay and the one that remains unnamed due to having mixed surnames. The houses – made of wood and aluminium – at this villages float above the water and are supported by stilts. These villages are very touristy, and some of them even feature walkways and souvenir shops. A visit is necessary if you want to see their unique way of life.


Street Art

George Town has earned a reputation for street art. The town was recognised a UNESCO World Heritage site, and since then, many wall murals have come to light. At the heart of George Town are several walls painted with street art, and if you don't want to risk missing out on an important aspect of the town, you must see these beautifully decorated walls.


Tropical Fruit Farm

You haven't really visited George Town if you don't visit this fruit farm. The farm is set above sea level at 244 meters on a 25-acre land, and it reaps about 370 species of edible fruits. The town's fruit supply is administered by this farm; however, not all the fruit species see the stalls of markets. So, the only way you can sample fruits like green dragon fruit and yellow guava is by visiting the farm. At the farm, you get guided tours and fruit buffets as well.