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Updated by Joanna James on Jan 23, 2020
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Doha’s best street food – delightful and appetizing

For a true taste of what Doha holds for the curious traveller seeking an authentic experience, why not pause by the numerous street food outlets that can be easily accessed?



Where else can one begin one's foodie adventures than by sampling some of the finest Arabic shawarma in town? With your average price ranging between 7 to 15 Qatari Riyal, one's cravings for succulent street food will in more than one way be satisfied after munching on some flavourful shawarma. Featuring marinated meat which is first skewered and thereafter, sliced and placed within the softest pita bread and topped off with tomatoes, pickles and other ingredients, sinking your teeth into this delicacy will have you coming back for seconds no sooner you have polished off your first.


Pani Puri

Having found its roots in India, Pani Puri comes across as a popular form of street fare for those who yearn to get acquainted with food, rich in spice and colour. The dish comprises dough balls that are prepared using wheat flour which is then stuffed with a combination of chickpeas, tamarind chutney, chat masala, onions and potatoes. In terms of where to go for such a spread, look up Mumbai Chowpatty.


Arabic Crepe

Wheat batter serves as the base of the Arabic Crepe. Once made, the batter is poured into a flat frying pan and spread evenly. The Crepe usually takes between half a minute to a minute to cook and provides travellers with a wholesome delicacy to try, especially for those on the go. Visitors residing at the Souq Waqif Boutique Hotels by Tivoli which is top-rated amongst hotels in Doha can conveniently reach the Souq Waqif for generous portions of this street food.


Magic Corn

In the mood for something different that will not merely arouse your taste buds but also keep the kids (if travelling with them) happy? Then look no further than Magic Corn which does stay true to its name. Imagine biting into sweet yellow corn and then tasting the sensation of what butter, chilli powder, salt, sauce and lemon represent as a combination?


Spring Potato

Spring Potato is made after frying large quantities of potatoes in a cylindrical fryer. Once fried and showcasing a golden brown colour, ingredients ranging from salt, tomato ketchup and pepper are literally speaking, thrown in to add zest and flavour into what is one of the country's most sought after snacks. Also, if you are wondering as to where best to go, consider the Al Wakra Souq or MIA Bazaar.


Local sweets

Whether you want to delight your senses in sampling Mahalabia which is a milk pudding made with rose water or Luqaimat; a sweet dough dumpling smeared in rich syrup, one's fascination with everything sweet will surely be met by the time one's travels in Doha come to an end. Arabic sweets are found in abundance in Doha, each affording a different flavour and providing a wonderful experience worth every Riyal that your pocket out.