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Study Abroad

Popular Scholarships for Higher Education in Ireland

Ireland is the center of higher education abroad attracting umpteenth students from every corner of the world. The cost of study in Ireland for international students ranges from 9000 Euros to…

Alluring Scholarships for International Students in Canada

Alluring Scholarships for International Students in Canada.For more information and assistance on scholarships, you can reach out to top overseas education consultants.

Dubai- An Emerging Centre of Higher Education for International Students

Dubai is home to umpteenth international students coming all over from different countries; India and China being at the top. High education and living standards are some of the reasons why students…

Alluring Scholarships for International Students in Canada - . : powered by Doodlekit

The education system of Canada is globally recognized because of its industry-oriented curriculum, hi-tech mode of learning, high faculty to student ratio and other aspects. Seven universities in Canada rank among the top 200 in the world as per the QS World Ranking report. Canadian universities and colleges offer a broad spectrum of courses at undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

Want to study in Canada: Steps to Apply by Ragini Sharma

Know about how to get admission in Canada. Here you understand how to study in Canada the process to apply for universities
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Most Popular Engineering Courses to Pursue in Ireland

Are you looking to study in Ireland? Are you an undergrad interested in Engineering? The University College Dublin, ranked in 1% higher education institutions globally, offers Engineering degree at an undergraduate and postgraduate level.

A General Overview of Student Visa for Higher Education in France by Ragini Sharma

If you’re want to travel, stay and study in France, you will need a France student visa. To be eligible for the visa, a student must have enrolled in a course accepted by the higher education institution.

Study Permit for International Students in Canada - Ragini Sharma - Medium

Every year, international students fly over to Canada for pursuing higher education in numbers unimaginable. A Canada student visa is required to enter to Canada for continuing higher education.

Best Education Institutions to Study in Ireland for International Students

Want to study in Ireland. Know about the prestigious universities, impressive scholarships, internships, part-time work opportunities, post-study work visa and the excellent graduate to employment ratio.

Benefits of Studying in Netherlands & Popular Universities

The Universities of the Netherlands is well recognized and globally reputed. The Netherlands offers a high quality of education to the students and excellent Teaching Standards, which allocate students global recognition of their educational degrees and courses.

Top Scholarship for International Student in Australia by Ragini Sharma

If you are planning to study in Australia, then this is your perfect opportunity.Know how students can easily fund their abroad studies with the help of some popular #scholarships to study in Australia and plan higher studies abroad.

Higher Education Institutions and Work-Study Programmes for International Students in Canada -

A lot of master’s course in Engineering is available to study in Canada for international students like Master’s in software system engineering, Master’s in Process System Engineering.

Internship Opportunities in Ireland for International S on Behance

Internships are available for students enrolled in NFQ 7 courses and above. For a better understanding of NFQ courses, what course to choose and how to study in Ireland, you may refer to one of our published articles or seek the assistance of education abroad consultants.

Best Master Of Engineering Courses To Pursue In Australia by Ragini Sharma | Aileensoul

The education institutions also provide a ton of scholarships to study in Australia for international students.

Australian Study Visa Requirements: In-Depth - Ragini Sharma - Medium

Getting a visa without any hassle is not an easy task but when you have the right assistance and guidance then the process becomes smoother.

Canadian Student Visa Document Checklist by Ragini Sharma

Canadian visas are of different types based on the purpose of traveling to Canada like Canada Visitor visa, Canada Student visa, Canada Work visa and Parents and Grandparents Super Visa. As the name suggests, a Canada student visa is required to enter Canada for continuing higher education.

Why Study at Trinity College Dublin of Ireland? - Go2Article

Want to study in Ireland. Trinity college Dublin is the best college in Ireland. Trinity College of Dublin is at the top of all the educational institutions in Ireland. To know how to get admission in Ireland institutions feel free to contact or visit overseas education consultants.

How to get a Degree in France? An Overview

Are you planning to study in France? France is emerging as one of the most favored destinations in Europe for studies abroad. You can know more about the admission procedure, deadline, cost of education, scholarships in our published articles.

Know why Higher Education in Dubai is gaining popularity amongest the International Students by Ragini Sharma

Want to study in Dubai. Dubai is a study destination for International Students. It has become an International Education spot as there are many Universities and Colleges which are setting up campuses for International Students.

Why Study at the University of Regina in Canada? - Ragini Sharma - Medium

Want to Study in Canada? The University of Regina is situated in the city of Regina, one of the top 3 liveable cities in Canada. Feel free to contact study abroad consultants to know more about study in Canada for international students.

France Study Visa Types and the Required Documents - . : powered by Doodlekit

Want to Study in France? Know which documents required for Student Visa in France. Getting a visa without any hassle is not an easy task but when you have the right assistance and guidance then the process becomes smoother.

Management Courses to Study in Dubai

A special International Student Scholarship of up to 50% of the tuition fee is granted to a maximum of 50 international students for masters in Dubai based on merit, sports, service to community/industry, etc.

Procedure To Achieve A Canadian Degree: Simplified by Ragini Sharma | Aileensoul

It’s not startling if you opt to study in Canada, but it might feel like an unreachable goal when you have totally no idea from where to start. The process and the on goings seem to be a little tricky as each university and each individual program has its own rules and requirements.
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Admission and Visa Requirements for Higher Studies at U on Behance

The Australian Department of Home Affairs has specified different visa types for immigrants, namely, visitor visas, studying and training visas, family and partner visas, working and skilled visas, and a few other visas. Upon the arrival of the Confirmation of Enrolment from UQ, an international student may now move a step ahead and apply for an Australia student visa.

France Study Visa Application: Comprehensive Guide - Ragini Sharma - Medium

The processing time for a normal France student visa is three weeks. Thus, keeping in mind these timelines, the visa process in France must be initiated once France study visa requirements are fulfilled.