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Sales Deal Management System | Deal Tracking Software | Kapture CRM UAE

Sales Deal Management System ensures that all the criteria of a deal are covered. This includes deal status, discounts, customer details and so on.

Sales Reporting & Analytics Software | Sales Reporting Tool | Kapture CRM UAE

Sales Reporting Software gives an in-depth look at all your sales-based activities. The main feature would be the Sales Reporting Tool where information regarding the leads followed can be entered and tracked.

Sales Forecasting & Analytics Software System | Sales Performance Tracking Software

Sales Forecasting & Analytics Software System gives the business a visual analysis of your CRM data. The software gives insightful reports which can be shared across various teams of the business.

CRM Software for Large Enterprise | Enterprise CRM Software Solutions | Kapture CRM UAE

CRM Software for Large Enterprise will scale the growth of your business. The important feature would be task automation as it would keep a tab on all the functions of the business.

Hotel CRM Software | CRM Software for Hotels & Hospitality Industry | Hotel CRM Solutions

Hotel CRM Software manages all bookings and enquiries of a property under a single inbox. It removes the problems of multi-tasking under several platforms.

Travel CRM Software | CRM for Travel Agency | CRM for Tours and Travels | Travel Booking CRM

Travel CRM Software helps agencies in integrating all booking and enquiries under one platform. This software handles ticket booking management, co-ordination of packages and more.

CRM Software for Ecommerce | Ecommerce CRM System | E-commerce CRM Solutions

CRM Software for Ecommerce assures a smooth customer shopping experience. Online shopping needs CRM to handle the huge number of enquiries and tickets that come in.

CRM for FMCG Companies | FMCG CRM | CRM in FMCG Industry | CRM Tools for FMCG Industry

CRM for FMCG Companies are recommended for a systematic follow-up of your business. CRM Tools for FMCG Industry includes the creation of product catalogues.

Real Estate CRM Software | CRM for Real Estate Agents | CRM for Real Estate Business

The CRM for Real Estate Company helps in lead management, property management, It also helps in Site visits, managing brokers, managing property plan, sending payment reminders and many more.

Kapture CRM UAE – Adopt the customer relationship management software that becomes your Go-to System

Adopt The Customer Relationship Management Software That Becomes Your Go-to System Sign-up Free Trial Book A Demo Welcome to Kapture CRM UAE Master the customer service challenge by switching to Kapture Kapture is a customer service CRM that gives you the power to give your customers a highly efficient service. We make it possible to…

Airlines Management Software System | CRM Systems for Airlines | Airline Booking Solution

CRM Systems for Airlines is what you need for customised flight bookings. Our user-friendly frontend design makes it easier for customers to book tickets.

Cruise Booking Engine Software | Cruise Management Software System | Cruise Booking Software

Cruise Booking Engine Software is helpful in managing multiple bookings through a single log. A custom dashboard made for the cruising industry will ease your customer relationship management.

Sales CRM Software Pricing and Plans | Sales CRM Pricing | Kapture CRM UAE

Sales CRM Pricing is done by keeping the sales requirements of a business. This is to automate the complete process of sales.

Customer Service CRM Pricing & Plans | Service CRM Software Pricing | Kapture CRM UAE

Customer Service CRM Pricing & Plans include lead management for the sales department of your business. The sales agent can follow up on their leads with the help of CRM.

Channel Partner | Kapture CRM UAE

You can collaborate with us as a Channel Partner and this will help in extending your business portfolio globally. By partnering with us, our CRM can assure you of increased revenue and additional discounts.

Feel free to contact us for any CRM queries that you might have. Direct your questions to Kapture for more info on CRM by filling out the web form here.

Feel free to contact us for any CRM queries that you might have. Direct your questions to Kapture for more info on CRM by filling out the web form here.

A Tool That Makes A Difference: Ticket Management System

The key to success in business lies deep within stellar customer support. Kapture CRM'S ticket management tool equips your agents with a helpdesk CRM to achieve this goal.

Why is Service CRM inevitable for Customer Service in 2020?

Service CRM forms the most important feature of CRM software. Let usunderstand how well this could boost the customer relationship of a business.

How Can a Sales Lead Management Tool Help in Conversion?

Lead Generation is an important aspect of Sales and in bringingrevenue to your business. Let us look at the multiple ways of improving yourbusiness’s leads.

Why Is Mobile CRM Important as We Begin a New Decade?

Mobile CRM software plays a huge role in boosting the sales of a business. Letus find out how sales can be improved with the help of a CRM app.


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