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Updated by promedia gear on Jan 24, 2020
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Best blogs to address before buying camera accessories

ProMediaGear is a leading brank in the U.S.A. for high-quality camera accessories. They are designed by professional photographers and are made with hard-anodized aluminum in U.S.A. Check out this in-depth guide to clear all your doubts before buying your next gear.


Review of ProMediaGear Gig Bag for Tripods, Camera and Lenses

ProMediaGear gig bag is a wholesome bag which can be used to carry small parts like screws and hex keys as well as large accessories like tripods, lenses, cameras and much more.

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Canon 90D DSLR Camera, What we think about it, Our Review


Why you should buy the ProMediaGear monopod

What makes a good monopod and what things you should consider before buying one. This comprehensive blog touches all the points one by one.

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Does using a flash bracket take better photos?

A Flash Bracket is a photographic tool designed to keep your flash centered and above the lens when switching from Landscape to Portrait shots. A flash bracket will assist in eliminating red-eye and awkward shadows creating a more pleasing and consistent photograph.

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OCF Mounting options for Boomerang Flash Bracket

Mounting an external OCF (off camera flash) to the Boomerang Flash Bracket is very simple and easy to accomplish. ProMediaGear offers multiple options to adapt to various shooting situation.

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34 Series Pro-Stix Carbon Fiber Tripod Release

Pro-Stix Series was designed and built for the professional videographer or photographer looking for a lightweight pro-level and reliable tripod.


Boomerang Flash Bracket BBGv2/BBX differences

The Boomerang Flash Bracket is built around our Modular Arca-Type Bracket Plate System (PBX3 or Custom Bracket Plates). It allows you to quickly flip your camera from horizontal (landscape) to vertical (portrait) by quickly depressing the lever, release the locking pin from the titanium rotation mount and allowing the arm to swing freely into the next position.


42 Series Pro-Stix Carbon Fiber Tripod Release

The Pro Stix Series was designed and built for the professional videographer or photographer looking for the toughest and most rugged tripod. The tripods are rated to support loads up to 125 lbs. on the precision engineered aluminum truss apex. The apex features an interchangeable flat plate / bowl mount and has multiple 1/4-20 holes and anti-rotation pin slots for various accessories.


BLELB400 Elinchrom Cage Accessory Breakdown

The cage slides over the top of the ELB400 packs outer soft plastic gasket. With 2 simple machined pivots the cage is anchored into the original Elinchrom strap eyelet holes. We replaced the strap connection area with a similar loop so you can still carry the unit with ease using the Elinchrom strap.

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GKJr. Katana Junior Aluminum Gimbal Head

The Katana Jr. Gimbal Head was created to provide the ultimate marriage between size, weight and functionality. The Junior is strong enough to support any telephoto or large lens yet is portable enough to be backpacked through the jungle at just 2.4lbs! The truss design is manufactured out of rigid T6061 Aluminum for strength and durability.