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10 Wow places to visit in Vietnam – Highlights of Vietnam that you shouldn’t miss

Vietnam is a vibrant country with a glorious past. The country offers the complete tourist package of historical monuments, mountains, beaches, religious sites, lakes and national parks.


Imperial Citadel of Thang Long

The former political centre continued to serve its purpose for 13 long years. But now, it is one of the country's major tourist attractions. It was declared a World Heritage Site in 2010 on account of its past and architecture. The fortress is evocative of Vietnam's military power, and the archaeological findings revealed ancient ruins and several war remnants.


Ho Chi Minh's Mausoleum

The resting place of Ho Chi Minh, the mausoleum was created using materials which were collected from all over the country. The site is open for visitors all year long except for the period between 4th September and 4th December; this is when Ho Chi Minh's body is taken to Russia for the preservation process. The locals regard this site to be a place of reverence, and hence there are certain restrictions inflicted upon visitors: you can't wear revealing clothes like shorts, short skirts and tank tops, you also can't take pictures of the inside or walk around with your hands hidden inside your pockets.


Hoan Kiem Lake and Ngoc Son

If you are touring Vietnam with your family, this is the ideal place for you to be. The lake is also known as Turtle Lake, and the natural beauty surrounding the lake is what attracts tourists. To make the site even more aesthetically pleasing, Ngoc Son Temple sits in the middle of the lake. There's a small bridge linking the temple and the mainland, and the place is perfect for a few Instagram worthy pictures.


Vietnam Museum of Ethnology

The museum celebrates the diversity of ethnic groups in the country, and it is among the few of its kind. Though built in 1997, the museum went through several changes over the years. The architecture of the building is praised by both locals and tourists.


Vietnam Military History Museum

This is one of the seven national museums of the country. If you fancy inspecting military weapons, you should definitely visit the place. The museum was built in 1956, which makes it an old national treasure. The place is home to a range of exhibits reminiscent of the Vietnam War.


Temple of Literature

If you enjoy learning about different cultural aspects of a society, you must visit the Temple of Literature. The first national university of the country is housed inside the temple as well. The place has a history dating back to 1070, which was when the temple was constructed. The architecture of the place honours Vietnam's architectural prowess.


War Remnants Museum

As the name suggests, the War Remnants Museum displays the remnants of wars that took place in history. A range of weapons, tanks, bunkers, bombs, military vehicles is on display at the museum. On the contrary to its main items of display, the museum also exhibits posters and photographs of anti-war movements that were occasioned throughout the world's history.


Cu Chi Tunnels

This network of tunnels was created for communication purposes. The tunnels were also used as a hiding place during both the Vietnam War and American War. The inside of the tunnel is composed as a labyrinth of weapon storerooms, hidden doors and secret routes connecting the borders of Cambodia. If you are lodged at a Mui Ne resort, the likes of Anantara Mui Ne Resort, for example, it is going to be an easy trip for you between the tunnels and the resort.


Mekong Delta

The river bears significance, in addition to its delta features, because of the rice cultivation that occupies the banks. Tourists are fascinated by the floating houses and markets that constantly populate the river.


Hoi An Ancient Town

The old coastal town was the trading hub of south-eastern Asia. The style and the architecture of the town render it a must-visit. The old colonial houses, temples and pagoda are the main highlights of the town.