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Updated by Joanna James on Jan 22, 2020
Headline for 5 Reasons Why Beaches Attract Tourists - Top 5 Reasons Why Beaches are a Big Hit with Travellers
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5 Reasons Why Beaches Attract Tourists - Top 5 Reasons Why Beaches are a Big Hit with Travellers

As one of the most popular holiday options, beach holidays will never go out of style as long as there are pristine beaches occupying the world. Here's why beaches are irresistible to most travellers.


The Chance to Work on a Natural Tan

While tanning salons and self-tanning sprays are all widely available, there's nothing quite like the natural glow of a suntan from a holiday spent on the beach. Tanning and achieving that post-holiday glow is only possible for those who select a sunny beachfront location for their vacation and beaches around the world offer pristine conditions to do so. Although sunburn and UV rays may be real concerns, tanning experts know that those who expose themselves evenly and during the right time of day for several days will achieve the best results without any health risk. What's more, tanning is a free perk that all beachgoers enjoy so there's no need to shell out cash for a tanning session at a salon or on chemical-laced sprays.


The Water Sports Activities

Another reason why beach holidays win out over other types of vacation options is the many sporting opportunities available within close range of the resort or beach hotel. While every holiday destination offer hiking, cultural tours and theme parks, the convenience of experiencing a plethora of water-bound activities just a stone's throw away from the area's beaches is a big advantage beach lovers enjoy in every part of the world. From snorkelling and scuba diving to surfing, water skiing and sailing, the choices are seemingly endless when it comes to having fun in the water.


Seafood Dining Hubs Galore

Beach holiday hotspots have one thing in common and that's the abundant availability of fresh seafood. This means beach holidays are a dream option for seafood lovers as most island nations boast highly lucrative fishing industries and thus seafood items are not only affordable near beaches but they are also widely available in beach restaurants. Tourists hailing from colder climate nations and landlocked countries especially appreciate this fact about beach holidays as the sheer variety of seafood dishes on the menu is reason enough to vacation near the seaside.


Blissful Beachfront Accommodation

Nothing quite allows tourists to feel as if they have truly escaped the daily grind than the sight of a beachside resort. Whether it's the AVANI Bentota Resort & Spa or any other Bentota hotel or beach resort in Goa, the sight of a beachfront property is enough to make one relax and leave their cares behind. Those who are fortunate enough to be vacationing in the Maldives and Thailand can also experience the luxury of having an entire resort isle to themselves. The tranquillity and privacy afforded by a beach vacation are, therefore, far superior to a getaway in the city or in a cultural Mecca.


Every Beach is Different

Where most global cities and mountains capes come to resemble one another, beaches are not all created equal. This means there's more to discover and experience every time a traveller heads out on a beach getaway. Sri Lanka is an island surrounded by the ocean but no two beaches are alike even this little piece of paradise as the beaches of the southern coast are vastly different to those in the north-east. From varied hues to different sand textures and coastline shapes, the world's beaches offer a world of diversity.