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Headline for Top 7 attractive destinations in Quy Nhon – Sites you must visit during your tour in Quy Nhon
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Top 7 attractive destinations in Quy Nhon – Sites you must visit during your tour in Quy Nhon

Not too long ago, Quy Nhon was a city that didn't attract much attention, but it's changed now. The city has the capacity to become a major tourist destination, and it's on its way to achieving that.


Eo Gio

Its unmitigated comeliness has earned it the repute for being one of the best scenic destinations. Located north of Quy Nhon city centre, at a distance of 20km, Eo Gio is a must-visit destination on your trip to Quy Nhon. The calm and serene atmosphere suits those who like to relish in tranquil beauty. Many tourists travel here to take pictures that later become lifetime memories. The place is sandwiched between two mountains which is the cause for the influx of tourists; the likes of Quy Nhon Coastal Escape are boastful of its coastline.


Ky Co

Its beauty is yet to make headlines, but it does attract quite a lot of travellers. Located about 25km away from Quy Nhon city, Ky Co is found on Nhon Ly island commune. The place hasn't been tampered by any human activities yet, which is what the nature lover finds to their taste. The crystal-clear waters coupled with the white sandy beach which contrasts perfectly against the blue sky are a true natural marvel. If you like to sit quietly in peace for a bit, this is where you should come to.


Hon Kho Island

The island gives a new definition to peacefulness. One of the most sought-after tourist destinations in Quy Nhon, Hon Kho Island deserves a few hours of your time. You could sail to the island, which doesn't take any more than 20 minutes. Apart from being eye candy, the island offers many activities, not the least of which are watersports. You can also avail yourself the delights of freshly made seafood, and try fishing.


Quang Trung Museum

If you travel about 42km north of Quy Nhon city, you find Quang Trung Museum. Travellers visit the museum who like to admire the glory of a country's history. The museum is home to the three Tay Son brothers: Nguyen Hue, Nguyen Nhac and Nguyen Lu. Your route to the museum includes passing Kien My Bridge and crossing Con. The museum encompasses nine art galleries, all of which display artefacts pertinent of the country's history.


Ham Ho

Located 50km away from the city, Ham Ho is another charming destination that's worth a visit. Its natural beauty is what takes it to the top of the scenic attractions list. The main highlight of the place is the beautiful river that's 3km long; the river is famous for its amazing graphite stones. Among the things to do in Quy Nhon is to go exploring the river in a boat.


Ong Nui Pagoda

The pagoda is located in Phuong Phi Village, and it rises above the thick wilderness that surrounds the site. There's a festival that celebrates the pagoda which takes place in the lunar month. The festival turns the place into a buzzing, lively atmosphere, and if you time your visit accordingly, you can be part of it.


Twin Cham Tower

The tower is found in the ancient village of Hung Thanh. These historical structures draw history buffs who are thrilled by ancient tidings of Southeast Asia. The towers are a tribute to the old Cham lifestyle and its artistic heritage. The way the towers are built is quite unique, and they overlook the peaceful countryside, which is gushing with the sun and the wind all year long.