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Recognition, cash, bananas, and the pickle bowl " Royce & Associates - Human Resources & Training Solutions

This post is inspired by a Tweet from @Achievers. "Cash awards end up as groceries. No one works late for an extra banana." It made me laugh, but it is so true. It made me think about my pickle bowl. If you are curious about what a pickle bowl has to do with recognition, read on.

Managers Make a Difference | Research with Results: a blog from the Aberdeen Group

In today's highly competitive market, managers hold the key to driving employee performance. Organizations that continuously empower their managers with the tools they need to recruit and develop employees are better able to achieve business outcomes including productivity and employee engagement.

Simple Changes to Management Behavior Will Transform Your Business

Recently Jody Thompson presented a webinar & "Why Managing Sucks and How to Fix It" with Razor Suleman and Achievers.

Employee rewards pay off for employer, too

Despite running a company that's all about loyalty points, Bryan Pearson's employee rewards program is surprisingly traditional. The chief executive officer of LoyaltyOne, the company that runs the Air Miles customer loyalty program, gives staff annual bonuses, praises employees when they do something right and often gives other smaller prizes for a job well done.

What Employers Need To Know About The Class of 2013

In order to attract and retain the finest young talent, employers must understand how the two million-plus Millennials entering the workforce this year plan to seek employment, what they expect from their employers, and what it'll take to hold on to them. Here's what you need to know about the class of 2013.

The Pressing Case for Peer-to-Peer Recognition

It's no secret that companies that recognize their employees are more successful than those that do not. According to a Globoforce study, companies that tie recognition back to company values, make it peer-to-peer, and invest approximately 1 percent of payroll into recognition, see increases in retention, enablement, engagement, and even financial results.

4 HR tips to plan ahead for rapid scaling

People As the Canadian tech industry continues to thrive, attracting and maintaining talent has gotten fiercely competitive. Small businesses in the sector often find themselves needing to expand quickly when they have the least time and resources for recruiting.

Razor Suleman, founder and Chairman of Achievers discussed how to increase employee engagement and how it can be the ...

Argyle Executive Forum is pleased to announce the beta launch of our new online business journal and content platform, Argyle Journal. This new site will be a place to share and discover peer thought leadership from across Argyle's 7 diverse memberships, in addition to current news updates.

Smart Leaders Engage Tomorrow's Workforce

I'm off to Chicago for #SHRM13 and am very excited to see everyone and for all the events. The topic most pressing on my mind today is the battle for young, emerging talent and how fierce the competition is these days in certain sectors. Companies that win it are the [...]

LinkedIn Reigns Among Young Job Hunters

Building a strong social presence on the business-networking site LinkedIn and establishing an effective employee referral program are the best ways to attract top young talent, a new study finds. Research from employee recognition software provider Achievers and technology company ConnectEDU has found a huge uptick in LinkedIn's role for younger job hunters.

4 Creative Ways Recruiters Can Use SlideShare

You are probably thinking, "Oh great, another social network I need to learn about." Here are two reasons to keep reading: SlideShare attracts over 60 million monthly visitors, most of whom are business professionals. Your next hire could be among them.

Why Employee Well-being is Significant for Productivity & Company Output

Less productivity from employees has cost Australian organisations almost $11 billion. Maintaining employee well-being is not an option anymore, it is a must. Read to know more.