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7 Cultural Highlights in Vanuatu - Prominent Attractions to Visit in Vanuatu

Vanuatu is a charming destination that offers plenty of delightful appeals. Read on and find out about 7 cultural highlights here in Vanuatu which will amaze you.


Social beliefs and customs

Vanuatu is a place that is governed by ageless traditions and customs. In the rural parts of the island, it is quite common and normal to see these norms. There is a very little gap between the economic classes in the rural parts. Arranged marriages are also quite common in these parts and there is a very low rate of divorce in these communities.


Religion, festivals and holidays

Christianity is the main religion on the island and the predominant denomination is Presbyterian. Islam is growing fast on the island too. Christmas is the main festival celebrated on the island. If you travel here in the month of December you will get the chance to witness how the locals celebrate the event and festival in grand style.


Music and dance

In the countryside of Vantau, you will experience quite a lot of traditional music which encompasses a large number of genres. Slit gongs, as well as rattles, are used as musical instruments here. In some parts of the island whistles as well as conch shells are also used to produce music. Dances are also very animated and lively here in Vanuatu. Most often than not, these dances are used to relate traditional stories.


Literature and arts

Written literature was developed in Vanuatu in the 20th century. Word of mouth was used to relate stories and legends. Christian missionaries introduced written literature to Vanuatu during the colonial era. Grace Molisa is a leading feminist poet whose works have garnered the attention of the world.



Yams, fish, tropical nuts, greens, and coconuts are to be commonly found in the cuisine of Vanuatu. If you stay at a centrally located Vanuatu resort it will be easy for you to explore the area's restaurants. Places like Holiday Inn Resort Vanuatu are great options to consider here for sure. Kava is the most popular non-alcoholic beverage here in Vanuatu. Lap lap, which is a luscious baked pudding is also quite popular here.



Modern and westernized clothing is quite common in the cities. Local and western forms of dressing are combined in the rural parts of the island. In rural parts, you will see men wearing the traditional loincloth or a pair of shorts with a t-shirt. Women wear traditional fibre skirts without an upper garment. They often even wear dresses made of leaves.



A wide range of sports is popular here in Vanuatu. Association football is known to be the most popular sport on the island. Basketball is yet another popular sport that is popular in many parts of the island.
Hope the information above will help you to make your tour on the gorgeous island of Vanuatu a lot more interesting and appealing. Make sure you learn as much as you can about the local culture so you will be able to make your tour a lot more interesting and rewarding.

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