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Reasons Why You Should Visit Negombo Over Colombo

Negombo is a beautiful city tucked away in the West Coast in Sri Lanka which has a lot of fun activities to offer. While Colombo is the major business city of Sri Lanka, there are plenty of reasons why Negombo is a better travel destination if you are looking for a peaceful and relaxing getaway.


Close Proximity to the Airport

Negombo is a great destination for travellers from foreign destinations as it is closer to the airport than Colombo, only a 20 minutes' drive away. With its beautiful beaches and lively night life, Negombo is nothing short of what Colombo has to offer. Best known as the fishing village of Sri Lanka, the city has a number of interesting activities for travellers. Touring across the fishing villages travellers can explore the daily activities of fisherman as well as learn about their lifestyle which can be an eye-opening experience. On the other hand, a fishing expedition will be a great experience for the curious minds to learn about the authentic way of fishing by the locals. Not to forget the fish market in Negombo which will give you a true experience of locality.


Cruise in the Lagoon

The lagoon in Negombo is not only famous for its tranquillity and beautiful view but also for the water sports activities it offers. Travellers can enjoy a boat ride in the lagoon at any time during the day through the scenic mangroves getting a glimpse of the birds and marine life. Moreover, you can catch the local fisherman getting about in their daily activities while exploring the beautiful surroundings of Negombo. Hotels are built closer to the lagoon such as Amagi Aria offering guests an ideal opportunity to wind down with food and drinks at the sight of a beautiful sunset overlooking the lagoon at the end of the day.


Place to Relax

If you are looking for a holiday to truly relax and escape the business of daily life, Negombo is the perfect destination away from the bustling streets of Colombo. The city's golden beaches with long stretches of sandy shores are a perfect way to relax and distress. A tour around the city and a chat with the local fisherman are some authentic experiences for any traveller looking for an experience that is out of the ordinary. There are plenty of beautiful resorts and hotels around the city offering many entertainment activities as well as spa services for a true island escape. Not to mention the abundance of sea food will have you spoilt for choice with mouth watering sea food dishes to choose from for any meal during the day.


Colonial Architecture

The influence of Dutch and Portuguese is evident in the architectural structures all across the city of Negombo. A small tour in the city will allow you to see some beautiful places that have significant influence from the Dutch and Portuguese. The fort is one such construction which was built by the Portuguese and later taken over by the Dutch. The canals which were built during the colonial times for facilitating trade is another sight that is worth visiting while in Negombo. St.Mary's church which is one the largest cathedrals in Sri Lanka built during the colonial era shouldn't be missed. You could also visit Buddhist temples such as Angurukaramulla temple to experience the best of both local as well as colonial architectural marvels.