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8 Informative Facts About Maldives - Things to know for a hassle-free vacation experience!

A holiday to the Maldives is all about the sun, sand and the sea. A place one would surely fall in love with on their very first visit. The scenic archipelago of the Indian Ocean is estimated to be 90,000 kilometres in size; the Maldives attracts more than a million visitors annually.



Visitors need a valid passport to enter the island and a visa is stamped on arrival, free of charge. The visa is valid for up to 30 days. There are four airports in the Maldives including Ibrahim Nasir International Airport, Gan International Airport, Villa International Airport, and Hanimaadhoo International Airport. The department of immigration makes an extension of a visa.


Best time to go

The Maldives has the best tropical weather. The year-round temperature is below 30C. During the monsoon months, you may experience thundershowers unexpectedly. December to April is the most expensive period to travel.


Language in the Maldives

The widely used language among locals is Dhivehi. When you listen to one talk in Dhivehi it sounds like a mix of English, Sinhala, Hindi, and Arabic. Due to the influence of tourism, many locals can communicate in English.


Things prohibited to the island

Alcohol is prohibited in the country even if you purchase it from the airport's duty-free shops. Avoid carrying religious materials or idols that are considered offensive to Islam. Pets, ammunition, pornographic material, narcotics or any type of food containing pork are prohibited to the Maldives.


Hotel bookings

There is a wide range of Maldives beach resort properties on the island. You can enjoy luxury accommodation and services from many of them. If you plan to stay at a resort such as Adaaran Select Hudhuranfushi make sure to make your bookings early. You can make an online booking to avoid the hassle of looking for last-minute accommodation.


Getting around

To travel between islands in the Maldives, you need to use a Dhoni. Resorts located in the farthest atolls need to reached by seaplanes or helicopters. You can also take a speedboat to travel but it is time-consuming. For getting around on land, walking is the best way. You can also use a taxi service.



The Maldives is an Islamic nation and there is a strict dress code to be followed by locals. When you are inside a resort it is fine to wear bathing suits. When you are out and about trying to be respectful to the local culture, It is best to avoid things that may offend the locals. Remember that the Maldives is a tropical country and it's pretty warm whichever time you travel so rule number is to stick lightweight clothes. Cotton or soft linens would be ideal. You can decide on the type of clothes you take depending on your style but try to pack light especially if you have seaplane transfers from the airport the baggage allowance in these is low. In terms of shoes, you will need a pair of rubber flip flops/ sandals for the beach then maybe another extra pair or two for day outings and dinner. Also, remember to pack a pair of sunglasses.



Tourists never use the local currency, Rufiyaa. All transactions can be done with US dollars whether it's paying the resort bill or tipping a waiter.