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The concept of capillary action and it's ascent Derivations//

Derivation for capillary ascent, explaination of capillarity action, why fluid rises in capillary tube, why is capillary action is free from the effect of gravity.

परीक्षा का वास्तविक अर्थ क्या है।परीक्षा से नफ़रत करते बच्चों का L.O.N TEST

Pariksha kya hai, pariksha ke dar se kaise mukt rahen, shiksha Ka vastavik arth kya hai, Hume kaisi shiksha ki jaroorat hai,

GALILEANS & LORENTZ TRANSFORMATIONS | The basic mathematical operations for the special theory of relativity.

What is Lorentz Transformation , what is galilean transformation, derivation for galilean transformation , derivation for Lorentz Transformation ,


What is length contraction, derivation for length contraction, why length contraction occurred, what is special theory of relativity.


What is time dilatation, why time dilate at higher speed, why does time dilate near the massive objects ie. Black holes,

THE GENERAL THEORY OF RELATIVITY | A Unique way to explain gravitational phenomenon.

What is general theory of relativity, difference between general and special theory of relativity, what is gravity? , How does gravity create? , Why everything in this universe is moving? , What is space time? , How space and time interrelated?,

क्या चेतना ही आत्मा है?

आत्मा क्या है, आत्मा और चेतना में क्या अंतर है, क्या चेतना ही आत्मा है।


What is 5G, 5G features, how internet get fast in 5G, what is ioT, how our lifestyle would be changed by 5G technology.

Why does GHOST become more powerful after death?

Why ghost more powerful,
What is ghost,
How to become a ghost?
Why science not able to explain some paranormal activity?

क्या आत्मा सिर्फ एक ही शरीर में रहती है?

Is it soul remains only in one body?
Why we feel sorrow if any one get die?,
What is soul cycle,

The BERNOULLI PRINCIPLE explaination and it's mathematical derivation//

Explaination of Bernoulli principle,
Derivation for Bernoulli principle,

The equation of CONTINUITY explained???

Equation of continuity,
Derivation for equation of continuity,
Explaination of equation of continuity.

आत्मा का अभिलाक्षणिक गुण | क्या आप आत्मा को समझते हैं???

आत्मा क्या है?, आत्मा के अभिलाक्षणिक गुण क्या हैं?, चेतना क्या है?, मनुष्य जीवित क्यूं है?, आत्मा का अस्तित्व क्यूं है?, आत्मा को किसने बनाया?,

GRAVITATIONAL LENSING | A application of general theory of relativity.

What is Gravitational lensing, why does Gravitational lens formed?, Types of Gravitational lensing, Gravitational lensing in simplest way,

CORONA VIRUS - A BIOLOGICAL DISASTER | Let's Know Everything About It.

Corona virus , what is Coronavirus , how Coronavirus spread , treatment of Coronavirus , symptoms of Coronavirus , history of Coronavirus , evolution of Coronavirus , Discovery of Coronavirus, infection mechanism of Coronavirus ,

when and why do stars get collapse | what happened to the stars , after the collapsion.

What is collapsing, what is hydrostatic equilibrium, how does new star get born, how does star get death, why do star collapse ,

The Simplified concepts of pendulums | Types of pendulums , and derivation of their Time Periods.

What is PENDULUM?, Types of pendulums, Derivations of the time period of different types of pendulums.