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Travel Agency Software

Top Features a Travel Agency Software Must Have

Considering that over 40% of travel is booking online today, it’s imperative for travel agencies to invest in good travel agency software to stay relevant in the times to come. Whether it’s booking flights, hotels, ground transportation or sightseeing, a travel agency software can help travel agencies keep their customers happy by providing them everything they need under one roof.

The Connected Trip – An Unrealistic Dream or an Imminent Reality?

Connected trip is a single platform that connects various pieces of the puzzle, taking care of every step of the journey while your customers rest assured and enjoy their tour to the fullest.

Travel Agency Software - Benefits to a Travel Agency

The coming of online travel agency software has centralized and automated the process of travelling. From reservation to reviews, the system is constricted to the website or the mobile application to make it easier. The major benefit of travel agency software is the immediate availability of all the facilities necessary, to complete a travel, at one place and one go.

Top Features a Travel Agency Software Must Have

Considering that over 40% of travel is booking online today, it’s imperative for travel agencies to invest in good travel agency software to stay relevant in…

How Tour Operators can Generate More Bookings through Digital Channels in 2020

Today, the travel and tourism industry is one of the most affected industries by digital development. Read, how tour operators maximize the number of online bookings through the digital channel in 2020.

Why Cloud Computing is the Future of the Travel Industry

Cloud computing helps the travel industry to offer the most flexible, secure and making dynamic operations to expand their business. Let's take a look to explore the benefits of cloud computing in travel industry.

Applications of Data Science & Machine Learning in Travel - TravelCarma

Like any other industry, Data Science and Machine learning have changed the travel and tourism industry. Let's read the major application of these technologies in the travel industry.

Sports Tourism – Insights into the 8 Billion Dollar Market - TravelCarma

Sports tourism is one of the most happening forms of tourism today and a gold mine for travel agents. How, you may wonder. We have the answers.

Top Online Travel Trends 2020 | TravelCarma

Did you know that over 1 million travel-related hashtags are searched on social media every week? Or that 48% users research, plan and book their entire trip...

Why is B2B Booking Engine a Perfect Choice for Travel Agencies? - ELMENS

B2B booking engines have enabled B2B travel agencies and tour operators from all corners of the world to come together

5 Not Too Late Travel Agent Resolutions for 2020 - TravelCarma Travel Technology Blog

Take a few travel agent resolutions to be the best travel agent you can be in 2020! If that sounds interesting but you don’t know how to go about it, you have come to the right place. Please keep reading.

Online Travel Marketplaces – Fad or Future? - TravelCarma Travel Technology Blog

An online travel marketplace can be described as a medium or a connecting link between providers and consumers. It connects businesses (local and international) to travelers by allowing the former to sign up and display their offerings.

How a Travel iPaaS helps Travel Companies solve their Data Integration Challenges

Enter Travel iPaaS – an integration platform based on cloud infrastructure to help integrate various software services related to a single business together without manually provisioning hardware.

How OTAs can Integrate Post-COVID Airline Policy Changes and New Flight API Schemas with TravelCarma TDX - TravelCarm...

The airline industry is likely to undergo drastic changes post-COVID, which will impact both airlines and OTAs. Country specific quarantine, airline policy changes, seating allocations etc. are some of the challenges that OTAs will have to work with. In addition, after a prolonged period of hiatus in business Travel companies are most likely to focus on maximizing revenue and thus change to whichever supplier can provide the best net rates/lowest commission.

TravelCarma Introduces ‘Resilience Package’ to help Travel Agencies Bounce Back from COVID - TravelCarma Travel Techn...

The coronavirus pandemic has easily been the worst crisis the tourism industry has ever faced. Within 2-3 months of the outbreak, it created a chain of events that brought the entire industry to a grinding halt. Worldwide lockdowns to stop the spread of the virus meant all non-essential movement of people completely stopped, causing revenues of almost everybody in the travel trade to plummet. 

A Travel Agent's Guide to IATA Certification and becoming an IATA Agency - TravelCarma Travel Technology Blog

IATA accreditation definitely not mandatory to start a travel agency, but it helps in boosting revenue for the travel agency.

8 Affiliate Programs that Offer Great Commissions to Travel Agents

The affiliate program provides your customers with a large amount of global inventory and will help you to draw profits at a very low cost. Here are some of the most well known global affiliate programs.

Essential Software Tools every Travel Agency should Use

If you’re still relying on spreadsheets and outdated tools (or worse, pen-and-paper!) to manage your travel agency, it’s time to upgrade! There are a plethora of wonderful tech tools out there that can help you simplify operations, increase your productivity and elevate your customer experience. 

What are the Benefits a Travel Technology Company can Provide? - TravelCarma

Are you looking for an online solution for your travel business? Let’s look at some of the major advantages of working with a travel technology company in this article here.

What are the Advantages of a Hotel Reservation System? - TravelCarma

What benefits should you expect from a hotel booking system? Let's read the advantages of hotel reservation system to your customers and your business.

What are the Benefits of a Travel CRM Software for Travel Agencies and Tour Operators? - TravelCarma

To fulfill customer needs, CRM software plays an important role in this industry. Some key benefits of Travel CRM Software for Travel Agencies and Tour Operators here!

What’s the Best Back Office Software for Travel Agencies? - TravelCarma

As face-to-face interactions reduce and remote working becomes a norm, travel agencies need to have the right tools to manage their business remotely. To this end, agencies across the globe are increasingly turning to online solutions to get their business ready for this new reality.

How do I choose a top travel software development company in India? - Quora

With increasing competition in the travel industry, it has become necessary to take your travel agency online to reach your target customers effectively. For that purpose, you need an engaging travel agency software and travel mobile app, and it takes the right travel portal development company to make it happen.
Read full answer here!

10 Most Popular Posts on the TravelCarma Blog in 2020

So 2020 is finally about to come to a close. Phew! What a year it has been! Nobody even in their wildest dreams could have imagined this year would turn out the way that it did.

Needless to say, it has been a particularly tough year for the travel industry. Worldwide lockdowns brought tourism to a grinding halt, and businesses large and small had to take some difficult decisions to get through these trying circumstances

Travel Technology in a Post-COVID World - TravelCarma Travel Technology Blog

Recent technological innovations have allowed the travel industry to bounce back and continue its operations. Let's read about five new technology utilized by the travel industry in the post covid world.