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Ashoori Law | U.S. Immigration Lawyers

Ashoori Law is a U.S. immigration law firm focused on employment-based, family-based, business, and investment immigration.

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Reentry Permit Application: Immigration Lawyer Review of Form I-131

In this video, immigration lawyer Michael Ashoori goes over the reentry permit application (Form I-131) as well as two other important forms (Form G-28 and F...

How to go from E2 Visa to Green Card [5 Ways EXPLAINED]

How can you go from an E2 Visa to Green Card? In this video, U.S. immigration lawyer Michael Ashoori, Esq. explains 5 ways to go from an E2 visa to green car...

Ashoori Law Review (Satisfied Client Testimonial Review)

Ashoori Law Review of Michael Ashoori's service from past client, Miguel Lozano from Nuevo Leon, Mexico Schedule Your Free Consultation Here: https://www.ash...

Naturalization Requirements: The 9 Requirements to Become a U.S. Citizen

In this guide, Michael Ashoori explains the 9 naturalization requirements you need to know about. There are 9 main requirements to become a U.S. citizen.

EB1A Criteria: What USCIS is Really Looking For (Updated For 2020)

The EB1A criteria can be difficult to understand. In this guide, learn what evidence USCIS really looks for when it evaluates an EB1A petition.

Entrepreneur Visa: 5 Visas for Starting a Business in the United States

The United States has multiple visa categories for entrepreneurs to start and operate a business in the US. In this guide, learn about 5 of these entrepreneur visa categories.

Refugee Travel Document Fee in 2020: Everything You Need to Know

In this guide, learn everything you need to know about the refugee travel document fee. There are 2 fees necessary to get a refugee travel document.

Lost Green Card: How to Replace Your Lost Green Card (Step-by-Step)

In this guide, learn exactly how to replace your lost green card. The steps you should take will depend on if you are in the United States or abroad.

EB1 Processing Time: Everything You Need to Know - Ashoori Law

The EB1 visa is a powerful option used by professionals from around the world to get a US green card. Learn all about the EB1 processing time in this guide.

EB5 Visa Cost in 2020: Complete Explanation of all EB5 Visa Fees

The EB5 visa is a powerful way for investors to get a green card to the US for themselves, their spouse, and their children. In this guide, learn all about the EB5 visa cost and all the EB5 visa fees that are necessary to get an EB5 visa.

How to Use Your Reentry Permit to Come Back to the United States

Are you now coming back to the U.S. using a reentry permit? In this guide, I'm going to discuss how to properly use your reentry permit to reenter the U.S.

HOW TO BECOME A U.S. CITIZEN: 9 Naturalization Requirements EXPLAINED

In this video, immigration lawyer Lahaina Araneta, Esq. explains the 9 naturalization requirements. Naturalization is the process where a lawful permanent re...

K1 Visa Requirements: How to Qualify for a Fiance Visa in 2020

The K1 visa, is a great option to bring your fiancé to the United States. In this guide, I’m going to explain the 4 K1 visa requirements.

EB1C Requirements: How to Qualify (Step-by-Step)

Through the EB1C visa, a U.S. company can sponsor a manager or an executive for a green card. In this guide, I’m going to explain the 5 EB1C requirements.

EB3 Processing Time in 2020: Explained Step-by-Step

The EB3 visa is a powerful way for a foreign worker to get a U.S. green card. In this guide, I explain the EB3 processing time.

K1 Visa Form: The 5 Forms Needed to Apply for a Fiancé Visa

There are multiple forms that must be filed for a K1 visa. I’m going to list each of the forms you should know about and explain the purpose of each form.

H1B Visa Process: Step-by-Step Explanation on How to Get an H1B Visa

The H1B is a powerful visa that allows someone to work in the United States. This guide will provide you with more information about the H1B visa process.

E2 Visa Spouse: How to Get Work Authorization and SSN for E2 Spouse

The E2 visa provides major immigration benefits for an E2 investor's spouse. An E2 visa spouse can apply for work authorization (EAD) and a Social Security Number (SSN). In this guide, I'll explain how an E2 visa spouse can get work authorization (EAD) and a Social Security Number.

EB2 vs EB3: The Right Option for You - Ashoori Law

The EB2 visa and EB3 visa have many similarities and differences. This guide will help explain some of the key differences.

What to Do if You Overstay Your Visa Because of Coronavirus

In this video, U.S. Immigration Lawyer, Michael Ashoori, explains what do to if you overstay your visa because of COVID-19. SCHEDULE FREE CONSULTATION: https...

Green Card Holders Stuck Outside of U.S.


L1 Visa vs. E2 Visa: The Key Differences - Ashoori Law

The L1 visa and E2 visa are similar and different in many ways. In this guide we compare both of these visas in detail. Learn more here.

EB2 Visa Requirements: How to Qualify for an EB2 Visa

The EB2 visa is a powerful immigration option for certain employees and professionals. In this guide, I will explain the EB2 visa requirements.

5 Visas for Entrepreneurs

If you are looking to start a business in the U.S. its very important to know what visa is best for you. In this video, Michael explains the 5 visas for entrepreneurs.

My name is Michael Ashoori and I'm a U.S. immigration lawyer and the founder of Ashoori Law. As an immigration lawyer, I help families, professionals, investors, and entrepreneurs get visas, green cards, and citizenship to the United States. Since starting my law firm, I've helped people from all over the world with their immigration needs.

15 Ways to Get a Green Card

There are many different ways to become a U.S. lawful permanent resident (green card holder). In this video, immigration lawyer Michael Ashoori explains 15 different ways to get your green card.