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Things to do in Kowloon – Attractions of Hong Kong that grace your memories

Someone visiting Kowloon experiences the most authentic side of Hong Kong. It sure is a densely populated area, and visitors are given a myriad of attractions to explore.


Tourism in Kowloon

Culture, religion and amazing sights draw people to Kowloon. Previously, it was home to fishing communities, and by 1860, it was occupied by the British. Kowloon's history is shaped up by poignant events, and it is part of the allure. Tourism is a roaring trade in Kowloon, among those who reap benefits of the industry are service providers like Travelodge Hotels Asia – Corporate, and that reason makes finding a Kowloon hotel Hong Kong easy.


Eat street food

Kowloon is known for its street food specialities; a range of stalls offer locals delights to those who like the taste of authentic Kowloon. Each and every food item is priced fairly making them available to every type of traveller. Among the most popular local favourites are deep-fried sticky tofu, curry fish balls, sweet egg tarts and egg waffles. You find most of the street food on Dundas Street, Soy Street, Sai Yeung Choi Street and Fa Yuen Street.


Travel by Star Ferry

You have no doubt heard of the iconic Star Ferry. Your time in Kowloon is an opportunity to travel across Victoria Harbour by Star Ferry. From the pier to the island, it is a 10-minute journey, and there's much to admire while onboard. You'll be accompanied by amazing vistas which you'll fall in love with. That is not even the best thing about the Star Ferry ride; the best thing is that it doesn't cost you any more than a dollar for the entire journey.


Temple Street Night Market

Kowloon is famous for having sprightly night markets that thrill the visitors, and Temple Street Night Market is among them. The best time to visit is after the sunset, but that is also the busiest time for the market. Fortune tellers gather round to tempt tourists to benefit from their enterprise, and the local craftsmanship is on wide display at the market.


Lion Rock Peak

The best view of Kowloon isn't easy to come by; you need to do some legwork in order to indulge yourself with the best vistas of Hong Kong. Standing tall at 1,600 feet, Lion Rock Peak is one of the prominent landmarks in Hong Kong. Nothing will match up to what you discover at the top of the peak; you'll be presented with mesmerising views of the region. The hike takes about two hours of your time, and it is nothing compared to what you are going to see at the end of it.


Hello Kitty Café

If you are a fan of dim sum, head over to the Hello Kitty Café. The dim sums are good enough, but the presentation is what draws people to the café. It is one of the cutest cafes in Hong Kong, and you'll be missing out on a lot if you don't visit.


Symphony of Lights

This is a significant part of Hong Kong's tourism, and most visits are in favour of the delights of the show. The show starts at 8 pm every night, and it is the most mesmerising thing you'll see. About forty buildings light up in synchrony to music, the coloured lights and beams are the most beautiful thing that there is. The show lasts for about 13 minutes, and it is free of charge.


Sik Sik Yuen Wong Tai Sin Temple

This is unlike other temples you see in Hong Kong. The temple preserves the traditions of three temples: Buddhism, Confucianism and Taoism. You can get to the temple without much difficulty via the MTR; the Wong Tai Sin MTR station isn't very far from the temple.