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Fun Facts About Singapore – Things you didn’t know about Asia’s miracle city

Everyone knows what a prosperous nation Singapore is. You would probably also know that it is one of the most visited destinations on Earth but here are a few fun facts you might not know.


Singapore loves its toilets

Singapore is a country that gives great importance to sanitation and even played a major role in making the 19th of November World Toilet Day and forming the World Toilet Organization on the 19th of November 2001 in Singapore.


One of the most honest nations in the world

One of the main reasons for the great success Singapore has had over the years is the extremely low corruption in the country. It is actually the least corrupt country in Asia and the 5th least corrupt country in the world.


Good manners

The Government of Singapore has made it their mission to make the people of the country as ethical and well-mannered as possible. Singapore has a National Courtesy Campaign which has been on-going since 1978 – it was however renamed in 2001. Singaporean parents dutifully teach their children good manners while the government encourages the parents.


National Tree Planting Day

On the 7th of November: National Tree Planting Day, all Singaporeans plant trees. Everyone from the Prime Minister to Foreign Diplomats and ordinary citizens participates in this endeavour.


Gardens at the Bay

The gigantic artificial trees were also opened on the 7th of November to commemorate National Tree Planting Day. The Gardens at the Bay have now become quite an iconic sight in Singapore. A true testament to how seriously Singaporeans take planting trees.


Singaporeans are fast

Usain Bolt is considered the fastest man in the world and many other Jamaicans have held the title before him. Off the top of your head you might think they are the fastest people in the world and well maybe on the track they might be but on the sidewalk, no one beats the Singaporeans. They are officially the fastest pedestrians in the world.


No gum Please

Don't let a cop see you chewing gum in Singapore; it's illegal by law and has been discouraged by the government for a long time. It is allowed to chew gum with a proper medical prescription, however. But be careful where you dispose of it.



This may sound hilarious but caning is a legal form of punishment in Singapore. This country hates people vandalising if you're caught you might not sit properly for a week, just saying.


Cars aren't welcome

The Singaporean government has discouraged car ownership for a very long time. The country is quite small so it does make sense. The traffic would be impossible and hence the public transport system in Singapore is top-notch. You can own a car however it can get really expensive. So if you're a car enthusiast Singapore may not be the place for you.


The Urine Police

There is a very strict 'no urinating in lifts' policy in Singapore and elevators come equipped with a Urine Detection Device which automatically locks the doors shut if it detects urine and won't open until the police come.

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