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Interesting facts about Myanmar – more than what meets the eye

If you assumed that you knew the ins and outs of what Myanmar has to offer, then do think again. Provided below is a list of interesting points that not many will be aware of.


Myanmar is an ethnically diverse land

Amongst the various ethnic groups that live here, perhaps none would quite capture the attention of the intrepid traveller like the Moken sea gypsies. Located off the Andaman coast is the alluring Mergui Archipelago which is where these people are known to reside. Adhering to traditionally nomadic lifestyles and ways, the sea gypsies can only be seen on land when the monsoonal rains set in.


A bird's paradise

Certain sections of the country are well known for being outstanding havens for avid birdwatchers with Mount Victoria, Bagan and the wetlands found within Ayeyarwady the most popular. Over 1000 species of birds are found here with 51 species being treated as endangered and a further 6 being endemic.


Yangon is not the nation's capital

Meaning 'abode of the king', the city of Naypyidaw is Myanmar's capital with the locale succeeding Yangon in the year 2006. The present capital is utilized as a suffix for royal capitals.


What is chinlone?

Considered the national sport which can easily pass of as being a form of dance, chinlone involves 6 players in a team attempting to keep aloft a cane ball by virtue of juggling their feet. The history of the sport dates back some 1500 years when the royal courts were often the center of this ingenious pastime.


Myanmar houses diverse wildlife

The dense jungles that are seen in Myanmar make for ideal surroundings where numerous species of wildlife can thrive in their numbers. Leopards, tigers, and elephants are but a few of the animals that can be found here with Myanmar boasting 28 species of turtles and tortoises as well.


Myanmar has its own measurements

Featuring amongst just 3 countries to not use the standard metric system, over the years Myanmar has developed its own units of measurement. In terms of weight, the locals are of the view that 1 viss is equal to 3.5 pounds (1.68 kg). However, distance is still measured in miles while gas is measured in gallons.


New Year is celebrated by dousing each other in the water

During the Buddhist New Year which falls between the 14th to 16th April and after the traditional prayers and offerings are concluded, it is then a matter of engaging in some fun. The sprinkling of water is termed as a means of washing away evil and all forms of negativity. However, what begins with a casual sprinkling invariably turns out into water fights and a party atmosphere in no time.


Diamonds are found adorning the Shwedagon Pagoda

Arguably the most celebrated landmark in all of Myanmar is the Shwedagon Pagoda but interestingly enough, one will learn that the top of the pagoda holds its own treasure. Over 4500 diamonds beautify the topmost part of the pagoda with the crown jewel being the diamond weighing 72 carats that are found at the highest point of the shrine. Also, if one is searching for a place of lodging from where such delightful destinations can be reached, PARKROYAL Yangon which is a good hotel in Yangon can be considered.

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