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Updated by Joanna James on Jan 19, 2020
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Top 5 Things to do in the Maldives with Kids- Perfect family getaway.

The Maldives is a destination that is ideal for anyone- solo travellers, couples, group of friends or even a family with children, It warmly welcomes everyone with open arms and smiles. If you are travelling with children, here are ways to keep everyone entertained.


Dolphin Cruises

The Maldives is home to 4 different species of Dolphins and is, therefore, the commoner marine animals that you are bound to see. Children love dolphins. Who wouldn't? They are known to be friendly, playful entertaining and look adorable. Take your family on a Dolphin spotting cruise. The little dolphins tend to swim around the shallow waters adjacent to the reefs while the adult ones tend to be more daring and are found in the deeper waters. Some dolphin pods can have about 100 to 1000 dolphins! You are bound to witness these creatures soak up the attention and perform acrobatic tricks that will leave your little ones squealing in excitement.



The waters here are clear, have amazing visibility and are begging to be explored. The shallow areas are perfect and safe for children to go exploring the marine life by snorkelling. Ask the children to spot the clownfish in a game called "Finding Nemo" as there are many of these swimming by. Valassaru Maldives, located on a private island and many a well-known luxury hotel in Maldives, offer some ideal snorkelling areas that are safe for children.


Collecting crabs

Some of the beaches on the island have thousands of hermit crabs. These little creatures pique any child's curiosity. Collect or pick them and host a crab race to keep them entertained. This is an activity that will definitely get a thumbs up from the children.


Game fishing

Fishing is a recreational sport but can also get slightly competitive if you set the rules. The rule here is to catch a big fish and whoever who gets the big one is the winner. You can join the local fishermen who will be happy to teach you the ropes and tricks. While some fishing doesn't require hooks, the bigger ones usually do. This could end up in quite a bloody situation that might scare the children, so be skilful enough to avoid their gaze strategically.


Sandbank swimming

There are plenty of locations to take your children to experience sandbank swimming. It is a great way to introduce swimming to the little ones and can be quite exhilarating- after all, it is their first swim in the sea! Look out for sharp stone though as this can graze the child's soft feet and injure them. However, for the most part, they are considered to be very safe. Allow them to soak in the glorious tropical sun and the beauty of the vast ocean ahead. Take this opportunity to connect with them and enjoy some much-needed quality time with the family. Take pictures and once you get back home, frame them as souvenirs from the perfect summer vacation.

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